Why Shopping for "Made in the USA" is not that difficult.

There are scads of things that aren't made in the USA, but when something IS made in the USA am I willing to buy it from a USA manufacturer? With the miracle of the Internet, and the foreign made device that I am using to surf on it, I have found a whole world of American made products. Here are just a few examples below, you get the idea.

In my local supermarket items made locally are labeled clearly and when a customer checks out the receipt shows how much of your purchase went to products made in our county. It has influenced me in my grocery shopping. Granted, the local made olive oil is four times the price of the foreign made one, but I notice the last four times I bought Sonoma county made anyway.

It's a tough awareness to come to, that my home and office reflect back to me product labels of anything but American made. I don't expect I will be able to step out of the international market, and that isn't my goal, however, I can shift the balance in easy ways. For example, of my three journals, two are printed in the USA and one in China. I'm scratching my head with many others and looking to what I can do rather than slip into a feeling of helplessness.

Shoes made in the USA

Men's shirts, classic, well made and beautiful

Games, toys and puzzles

On Amazon put quotes around the search phrase "Made in USA"

Personal care products

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Reading the news and it all looks.... -  Joni

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