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Are You A Caring Person? A Gentle Touch

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What did you see today that was beautiful?

That's the question I have used to focus my journey through today. It's a wonderful practice, and fascinating to watch my mind panic -- as if this exercise will somehow turn me into a uncaring person oblivious to the world's suffering. Just for one day to pay attention to "beautiful"? It felt a bit like taking a day off to do nothing - sometimes guilt arises, "You should be doing something." As if one day of nothing will somehow turn me into a lazy person.

What did I see today that was beautiful?

A lot. A whole lot. And it's not that the world disappeared, or that there weren't un-beautiful things around me. It's just that I gave a special place to "beautiful" in my looking today and feel so much more generous and hopefilled than yesterday.

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1 comment:

  1. My son (1 year old) sharing pasta with his stuffed cow. To me it was just a beautiful little moment.

    I like your reminder to look for the beautiful, it's all around.


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