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Work: An Invisible Presence is Working Through Me

Spirit works for us by working through us
SOM pp. 37

Because the road was steep and long
And through a dark and lonely land,
God set upon my lips a song
And put a lantern in my hand.
Joyce Kilmer

Accepting work as a spiritual practice requires an attitude of mind that recognizes the Presence of God in all things.  If we are to see ourwork as a spiritual practice, we must begin by recognizing that at every moment we can be the vehicle through which Spirit expresses Love and Beauty.  In the place of our business, we might feel at times subject to the fluctuations of different personalities and conditions, all beyond the realm of our control.  This may be true.  However, when we surrender the desire to make things right and yield to the wisdom of Spirit within, we can be effective in transforming our immediate world by celebrating the Truth in every moment.

When work becomes a steep and long road through a dark and lonely land, it is helpful to remind oneself that an invisible Presence is moment by moment working through us to achieve a glorious end.  The work we are currently engaged in may or may not be our life’s vocation.  Our current work may be a stepping stone or a dream come true.  Whatever the case, our work is always this:  An opportunity to deepen our spiritual relationship to the world around us.

I affirm Spirit's light within me casts a clear light on all that lies before me.  The labor of my hands today becomes a service to Creation.  I am at peace with my world.  I give thanks for my life and all that is in it.

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Meditation: The Inner Sanctuary

In that inner sanctuary of our own nature, hidden perhaps from objective gaze, nestles the seed, perfection.
SOM pp.  36

O give me Grace to see Thy face, and be
A constant Mirror of Eternitie
Thomas Traherne

          No matter the conditions in which we find ourselves, there remains something within each one of us which is in its original state.  This place inside is reached in silence, in contemplation and quiet listening.  Within this place is the recognition of harmony health and beauty.  Entry into this personal sanctuary is denied to no one.  However, such a communion must be approached with an open heart and a full intention to receive something greater than the immediate circumstance of life.

          Like any method, meditation must be practiced to reveal its subtleties and depth.  Regular time, at the same time each day, in the same location each time, is a wonderful approach to rapidly deepening the experience meditation has to offer.  During the time set aside to meditate we strive not so much to think, but to observe; not so much to visualize, but to receive; not so much to direct, but to deepen our awareness of the Invisible Presence of God in and through all life.

Today I pause frequently to silently observe Spirit in the world around me.  Today I pause frequently to silently observe Spirit in the world inside me.  Today I pause frequently to silently observe Spirit reflected back to me. I give thanks for my life and all that is in it.
 An Ancient Technique to Access Your Inner Power
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Prayer: Conscious Communion with the Divine

I will give thanks to my Inner life for all It’s marvelous wonders, and for all its wonderful works.
SOM pp. 526

Prayer is friendship with God.  Friendship is not merely generalized in mood: every event is its occasion.
George Arthur Buttrick

          “Prayer is to be simple, direct and receiving”.  Prayer is to consciously enter into communion with the Divine in an inner language which is sincere, to the point and completely devoid of any desire to persuade, impress or control.

          Spirit within knows us completely.  Spirit within is unmoved by beautiful words which do not carry the weight of our conviction.  Spirit within responds immediately when the words of our mouth reflect the truth of our being.

          Why would we expect our prayers to bring forth joy, unless we entered into prayer with joy.   Why would we expect our prayers to bring forth harmony, peace and power, unless we entered into prayer with harmony, peace and power.

          At the center of successful prayer is a quiet sense of gratitude for the magnificence of life.  Try it for one day.  Simply say an inner thank you to everything and everyone.  Let this be your prayer for just one day.

Today I  let my thoughts be simple, direct and receiving.  I express my relationship to Life in my innermost thought and I allow myself to remain open throughout this day to Spirit’s loving embrace.  I affirm frequently that Spirit within me knows the way. I give thanks for my life and all that is in it.
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