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Best Place in Sedona to See the Sunset

The best place in Sedona to see the sunset, I discovered is in the faces of the people watching.
I turned around and was dazzled by displays of pastel skies, affections, amazement and stunning beauty.

Some stop halfway up Airport Road where the road curves.  I think I might have taken this photo from there.

The dry climate makes for unique plant life and tree like creations with woody stems and tough leaves.

Cacti against the red ground show up beautifully with their thick, fleshy bodies well fed and watered from where I don't know.

Late September through October is a good time to visit Sedona and see even more colors.  Leaves change and fall and the air seems crisp.  To me it seems like the landscape is in sharper focus.  Everything is beautiful to look at.

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Red Umbrellas

This fine red umbrella isn't from San Francisco, but when I saw the mandatory selfie taken recently when visiting Seattle I looked up the nonprofit organization in San Francisco, Red Umbrellas, to see what it is all about.

It's an organization of artists showing their stuff in public spaces in order to increase contact between the people and the artists.

Here is a schedule of Red Umbrella events.

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May You Be Filled With Loving Kindness

If you are having difficulty seeing this video, click on Loving Kindness to see it on YouTube

The Power of Loving Kindness

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The Roots of Unhappiness

What are the roots of unhappiness?  In this message, Dr. Edward explores some possibilities such as clinging to people, places, events and situations outside of our control.

In this message he also gives a tribute to the inspiration Maya Angelou gave the world, encouraging us to work through difficulties and pain.

If you are having difficulty seeing the video below, click this link to see it in a browser.

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