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What or Who Heals?

For the student of metaphysics, it is important to realize that our ability to create, decide, and choose is not generated by us personally. It comes from the Original Creative Source through us. And the miracle is that apparently we can channel and direct that Power in any way we want. That is freedom!

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This is an important concept when it comes to revealing wholeness in any situation because a person may be tempted to use will power, or concentration, or brute force to achieve some good in the world.

Metaphysics teaches, instead, that we are to mentally and emotionally align with the Original Creative Source, set a direction in our thoughts, and allow that Power to flow through us. Our practice, then, is to regularly and confidently dwell upon the qualities of the Original Creative Source so that we can be saturated in wholeness in our thinking. This is not to be practiced with effort or strain, but with innocence and adventure, and an expectation of good.

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Edward Viljoen

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Healing is a Revelation With Edward Viljoen

This month we are focusing on the idea that there is an inherent wholeness in creation, and that when we become aware of this wholeness, we experience a shift in our world. As students of New Thought, our assignment is to become clear in our thinking about this inherent perfection, using whatever process leads us to accept it with confidence. 
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Our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes, writes that the form we use to get clear in our thinking is not as important as feeling, accepting, and knowing this wholeness.
This month, then, we are practicing seeing the world, our bodies, and our affairs, through the filter of wholeness. It may not be easy, but it is worthwhile. To uncover the hidden perfection, we systematically remove obstructions of thought which deny the Holy Presence. 
What kind of thoughts are competing for your attention these days? Is your thinking helping you to become confident about the original goodness of Reality? 

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How to Start a Spiritual Chain Reaction

Dr. Ernest Holmes writes in Living the Science of Mind, on page 239, that no one lives entirely by themselves. We are all individual parts of humanity, and whether we realize it or not, we are influencing those around us. The awareness of this connection, rightly used, brings to mind the possibility of each of us being an agent of blessing for the other.
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Dr. Holmes writes, “One of the most remarkable evidences of how this silent Spiritual Force works was exhibited in the life of the late Mahatma Gandhi as he sat quietly before perhaps a million people. In these great public meetings a combined atmosphere of confidence and faith was created which they called darshan, which means the united Spiritual Force of a great multitude of people. Vincent Sheehan, who wrote a book about Gandhi titled Lead Kindly Light, said that he had felt this spiritual realization so completely that it was as though he had bathed in some refreshing stream of life.”

Our enthusiasm for life is contagious. Our courage spills from our hearts and creates confidence in those around us. When we are all “prayed up” our sense of spiritual alignment reaches into the people around us with reassurance. Ought we not, then, be diligent about the kind of influence we are bringing to bear on life? 

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Your Spiritual Bank Account. Video with Edward Viljoen

Financial advisors often recommend that individuals and families develop the habit of contributing to a prudent cash reserve, so that when needed, withdrawals may be made for unexpected expenses. No one is required to make regular deposits to such an account, but it sure does make things easier if a person is able to do so! 

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Similarly, think of developing a spiritual account, so that when unexpected change or stress crops up in life, you have a prudent reserve of confidence, love, and trust to draw upon. Again, no one must do this, but it sure makes things easier.

Our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes, in Living the Science of Mind, says that we make deposits by first spending time with ourselves straightening out the little animosities that cause stress and deplete us. In so doing, we generate a consciousness of loving kindness, and create a reserve that we can draw upon for ourselves and others when needed.

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