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Now Is Not The Time To Give Up. God Comes Through The Wound. Diversity and Inclusivity

Our founder, Ernest Holmes, believed the great lesson that Life is trying to teach us is that we are all rooted in God, and each is an individualized center in the Divine Being. We have what Emerson called unity at the center and variety at the circumference.

The author of Blink, our recommended book for February, describes the main subject of his book as "thin-slicing": the ability to use partial information to come to a conclusion. This idea suggests that spontaneous decisions are often as good as—or even better than—carefully planned and considered ones.

How do variety and unity coexist in your life?

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Consider joining our Diversity Discussion Group to expand your appreciation of the variety and diversity that exists in our country. The group meets today at 1:30 pm in Room 10 (North Wing) at 2075 Occidental Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95401.


Warm regards,

Edward Viljoen

Author of Ordinary Goodness and The Power of Meditation
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Diversity and Inclusivity and The Statue of Liberty

Dear Friends,

The values we are embracing in February are Diversity and Inclusivity. Our national organization’s bylaws state that “We value, embrace and celebrate the individual uniqueness and contribution of all people as they express through differences of gender, ethnicity, culture, history, experience, talents and sexual orientation.

We include representatives from all our organizational constituencies in leadership, sacred service and decision-making.”

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How else can we embrace Oneness if not with acceptance, respect, and the understanding that each individual is a unique expression of one creative power? Individual differences include race, sexual orientation, gender, beliefs, politics, and much more. And celebrating diversity means allowing and welcoming it with an affirmative attitude.

This month’s messages invite us to contemplate the Oneness at the root of everything.

Since everything is an individualization of the Universal, every spark is alike in that it is divine. It is made of the same cosmic stuff, but no two sparks are identical. The process in Nature is the multiplication of an infinite variation of unified identities, no one of which is identical with the other, even though each and all are in the same field.

What role does inclusivity play in your life?

Warm regards,
Edward Viljoen
Author of Ordinary Goodness, and The Power of Meditation

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Video: 2017 – Values-Based Spiritual Living with Edward Viljoen

2017 – Values-Based Spiritual Living

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This year we are focusing on Values-Based Spiritual Living. The value we are studying in January is Spiritual Living. Dr. Ernest Holmes writes:

We must learn to live by inspiration. That means that we should let the spiritual depths of our being flow through our conversation and into our acts. Living by inspiration does not mean living chaotically. Our whole purpose is to make the intellect an instrument for the Spirit. This is exactly what an artist does. We must all become artists in living. To live by inspiration means to sense the divine touch in everything; to enter into the spirit of things; to enter into the joy of living.

What inspires you? How are you using your innate creativity? What brings you joy?

These questions are a helpful starting place when considering the final topic for January, “How to Use It.” The “It” in this topic refers to the One Creative Power that flows in and through all things, the Power that we are using all the time, whether we are using it to do something wonderful, or not.

Warm regards,

Edward Viljoen, author of Ordinary Goodness

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Video: Values-Based Spiritual Living with Edward Viljoen


In the Science of Mind, we teach not only that there is a body-mind relationship but also that there is a direct relationship between thought and environment. Consciously or unconsciously, we are not only governing our physical bodies; we are also weaving the destiny of our fate, at least temporarily, on the loom of consciousness. It is merely a question of where we get the pattern.

Shall it come from fear, strife, and disunity, or shall it be drawn into our consciousness from a higher source?

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These thought-provoking words from our founder, Ernest Holmes, help launch our study of spiritual laws, and how they work in our lives, by working through us. There is a Power for good in the universe, and we can use it, by learning to understand and comply with Its Law. A valuable first step in understanding how
to use this Power for good, is to begin understanding what the most influential factors in our lives are, and mapping the relationship between them and our hopes, dreams, and expectations.

What are the most influential factors in your life?

Warm regards,
Edward Viljoen

Dr. Edward Viljoen, author of Ordinary Goodness, and The Power of Meditation, speaks at The Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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