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Video: God's Will Must Be Consistent With God's Nature

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What is God’s will? Is it God’s will that we should be happy and joyous? Or does God test us? Is God shaping our character with lessons? These and other questions about the nature of the will of God are numerous and ancient. In the Science of Mind, we respond by teaching that whatever the will of God is, it must be consistent with the nature of the Divine Being. So, to understand the will of God, we must examine and study the Nature of God.

If God is the author of peace, can the will of God be chaos? No. If God is the source of absolute love, can the will of God be hate? No. If God is Oneness, can the will of God be to divide and separate?


In Living the Science of Mind, Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote, “When Jesus said God is not the God of the dead, but of the living, he was explaining that the Will of God and the Nature of God are Life and not death; for how can the Principle of Life produce death?”

You are rooted in the Divine.


Edward Viljoen

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Video: Is There Anything About Us That Doesn't Need Fixing?

This week’s reading from Living The Science of Mind (page 130) reminds me of the conversation between Lord Krishna and Prince Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita. The God-presence (as Krishna) reveals to us (as Prince Arjuna) that He is everywhere present and that He has created all this reality with but an infinitesimal speck of his divine being.

It is that spark of Divinity within us that requires no fixing, and when we live from the awareness of It within us, life changes.

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Dr. Ernest Holmes, in the reading, offers us the following words to meditate on. “I Am the writer, the inspirer, and the thing written about. I Am the Creator of history, the One who experiences it. I Am its record and its interpretation. Everything which has ever transpired has but symbolized My Divine Presence at the center of all. I Am within you is the only Presence there is. I create innumerable centers of My Consciousness personified as people, yet I Am in the thread of a Unity running through all, binding all back to Myself. Because I Am a Perfect Oneness, all of Me exists everywhere. Wherever you recognize Me, there I Am. And whether or not you recognize Me, I Am still there.”

We are invited to think of ourselves as living, breathing, thinking, and loving from the center of Divinity, and to accept that our lives are one with the Life of God.


Edward Viljoen
Author of Ordinary Goodness, and The Power of Meditation

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Video: Who Am I Really? Your Personal Self, with Dr. Edward Viljoen

The life within you is God. This radical statement from Science of Mind reminds us that it’s not enough to say life within me is divine. If I accept the Universal Principal of Oneness, I accept also that there is no place where I can be separate from divinity. So, it follows that the life within me is the Thing Itself, the immortal, eternal source of all that is. 
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This month’s theme is “You Are Rooted in the Divine.” Personalize that idea by saying to yourself regularly, ”I am rooted in the Divine. The God-Principle within me is truth, beauty, harmony, and wholeness.”
Dr. Ernest Holmes writes, “Most certainly God is personal to everyone, and the wonderful thing is that each represents God in a unique way. Each individualizes God, and no two individualizations are identical. Thus, the Personality of God is not only real to us, but It is uniquely real.”
I look forward to exploring the ways God shows up as you.
                        Warmly,  Edward Viljoen

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Video: Is My Opinion and Freedom More Important Than A Child's Life?

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How we bring our spiritual understanding to life in the world, in our relationships, in our work, in our society, so that when things like school shootings take place, our response comes from our deep convictions, values, and belief in oneness?

The Master Teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, taught that belief and faith play an important part in effective prayer. He implied that prayer worked according to the strength of our conviction, and not because of what faith tradition we follow. Science of Mind similarly teaches that an impersonal spiritual law is always at play in our lives, reflecting back to us the beliefs we have the most definite conviction in. When we train our thoughts to prayerfully embrace the spiritual universe in which we live and identify ourselves with its perfection, the spiritual law of the universe acts upon our prayers.

Who you are is made up of your beliefs, or what you have complete trust in.  Discover what you trust and you will find out who you are.

Edward VIljoen
Author of Ordinary Goodness, The Power of Meditation, and The Bhagavad-Gita for Beginners

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