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Video: By the Power of Your Words: Using the Science of Mind, with Edward Viljoen

Behind the word is a thought, behind the thought is the thinker, the thinker is that within you which decides what you will bring forth into expression in this world.

When vulgar, racist, demeaning words are made normal in our society, students of metaphysics notice, but do not let them become the norm.  Instead of accepting them a student of metaphysics regularly returns to the truth of their being:
that there is a resistance free, undisturbed peace in me that is one with everything, and cannot be disturbed.  And then the student speaks from that, with words match that match the treasure that is in their hearts.

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Photo by Lauren Peng
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Video: What is Science of Mind, with Edward Viljoen

Dear Friends,
This year, 2018, marks the 100-year anniversary of teaching Science of Mind in the world. We are celebrating this milestone with the yearlong theme, “Living the Science of Mind.” Each week we will suggest a reading from Ernest Holmes to help focus our study of this beautiful teaching that helps us accept that our thought is creative because of what is alive in us.
On page 1 of Living the Science of Mind, Dr. Holmes writes, “The Science of Mind is intensely practical because it teaches us how to use the Mind Principle for definite purposes, such as helping those who are sick, impoverished, or unhappy. Each one of us should learn to become a practitioner of this science, a demonstrator of its Principle, a conscious user of its Power. Power already exists, but the existence of Power is of no particular value to us until we use it. We must not only be conscious of Power, but we must be actively conscious of it. This is one of the first lessons we learn in the Science of Mind.”
To learn more about The Science of Mind and how to use it in your life, consider attending the free classes taught each Wednesday night this month by Dr. Kim Kaiser.

Warm regards,

Edward Viljoen

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Image by Matt Quinn
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Video: A Life of Courage. Living with Integrity.

Living with Integrity requires courage.  This month we are focusing on integrity as a spiritual value.  Great questions to contemplate this month are, In what do you have great confidence? What are you sure of?  These questions prompt me to examine if I have solid conviction in what I say I believe, and if I have the courage to stay with my spiritual convictions while facing life's trials.

Ernest Holmes addresses the matter head on, without beating around the bush, writing, “Get some degree of real conviction and stay with it. The Cosmic Mind is neither wishy-washy nor willy-nilly. It is positive, certain of Itself, and sure of the outcome.”

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What am I sure of? I’m beginning with that question, and collecting answers that I have confidence in. I’m sure of loving kindness. I’m sure about the power of giving. I’m definite about kindness. I trust goodness, and I see all of these certainties as being related to my conviction that God is all there is.

What are you sure of?


Dr. Edward Viljoen, author of Ordinary Goodness, and The Power of Meditation, speaks at The Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
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Video: A Life of Character, with Edward Viljoen

Ernest Holmes wrote, “There must come a time in our experience when we speak the conviction that is within us. This conviction of the Spiritual Universe in which we live is real and powerful. The light cannot be borrowed from another.”

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Each year on Christmas Eve, we celebrate the renewal of light within through the story of Christmas. This year our Christmas Eve service will be on Sunday evening, December 24, at 6 and 8 pm. On Sunday morning, December 24, we will have only one morning service at 10 am.

What is your spiritual conviction? 
hat do you believe in? 

If you would like to explore the answers to these questions more thoroughly, consider Dr. Kim Kaiser’s free, four-week class on Wednesdays in January at 7 pm. Our theme for 2018 is “100 Years of Science of Mind,” and this class is a great way to begin the celebrations.

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