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From the Highest Thought or From the Lowest Struggle?

This month we are exploring the method of prayer used in our movement. It is called Spiritual Mind Treatment because it is something we do in our own minds. Our form of prayer is not sent, transmitted, or directed anywhere. Rather, it is the process of coming to clarity about the truth of our spiritual nature. When we pray, the words formed silently in our minds ought to be simple, uncomplicated, sincere, and calm.

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To start a Spiritual Mind Treatment, sit quietly and describe Divinity to yourself in a way that feels authentic and clear. Follow up by describing your relationship to Divinity. Next, try to imagine how Divinity sees you, and rejoice in that. All that remains is to remember that you and I don’t put the power into a prayer; rather, there is a spiritual Law of Mind that acts upon our thoughts. This should relieve us of any sense of effort.

Next week we will explore the role of affirmations and denials in prayer.

Warm regards,

Dr. Edward Viljoen, the author of The Power of Meditation, speaks at The Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Photo by Karina Carvalho on Unsplash
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Did you ever stop to think....?

Did you ever stop to think that you are a spiritual and mental broadcasting station and that messages are going out from you in all directions, perhaps even while you are asleep— messages which have an influence on your environment and the people around you?

And since everything moves in circles, the messages you broadcast will come back to you. We are told that the mental atmosphere of a home can influence a dog, a cat, or a. canary to the extent that they become neurotic when surrounded by unhappiness or criticism.

There is a place where our physical bodies begin and leave off, but the mind has no such limitations, and our thoughts penetrate everything around us. We are all broadcasting stations, whether or not we know it. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, our faiths and fears, tend to make an imprint on our environment. We are also receiving sets, but it does not follow that we must tune in to every program being broadcast.

—Dr. Ernest Holmes, Living the Science of Mind

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Photo by Eugenia Maximova on Unsplash
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Let Us Not Fool Ourselves

When working with consciousness to see the wholeness of creation, we must be careful not to slip into denial while affirming perfection.

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Our founder, Ernest Holmes, wrote,

“In the Science of Mind we do not say everything is all right when it is all wrong. We do not say peace when there is no peace, but rather we try to discover what is wrong and why we do not have peace. We do not say that people are not poor, sick, or unhappy. We ask why these things should be if the Original Cause of all things is Harmonious, Perfect, Radiant, and Happy.”

(Living the Science of Mind, page 252).

I believe we must also be careful not to slip into blaming ourselves or others for the difficulties we encounter in life, but rather to rally together to love one another and to do what we must to raise our thoughts as high as we can. There is a difference between accepting a fact, and giving up. It is the way of metaphysics to acknowledge what is going on in the world, in our affairs, and in our bodies, while at the same time affirming that simultaneously a spiritual perfection is unfolding.

We train ourselves to be expectant of good, no matter what is currently happening, and to accept what is happening without accepting that things will forever stay the way that they are.

Best wishes,

Edward Viljoen
Author of Ordinary Goodness

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash
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What or Who Heals?

For the student of metaphysics, it is important to realize that our ability to create, decide, and choose is not generated by us personally. It comes from the Original Creative Source through us. And the miracle is that apparently we can channel and direct that Power in any way we want. That is freedom!

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This is an important concept when it comes to revealing wholeness in any situation because a person may be tempted to use will power, or concentration, or brute force to achieve some good in the world.

Metaphysics teaches, instead, that we are to mentally and emotionally align with the Original Creative Source, set a direction in our thoughts, and allow that Power to flow through us. Our practice, then, is to regularly and confidently dwell upon the qualities of the Original Creative Source so that we can be saturated in wholeness in our thinking. This is not to be practiced with effort or strain, but with innocence and adventure, and an expectation of good.

Best regards,

Edward Viljoen

Photo by Vinicius Amano on Unsplash
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