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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Is Love All You Need?

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Love is all you need is both an inspiring and challenging sentiment.  When it relates to being good stewards of our planet, is love really all we need?  That depends on how love is defined.

To view the video that answers the question, click here.

Author Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee writes that it is only through awakening our awareness of the sacred within creation that we can begin to right the imbalance that lies at the root of our present predicament. “Any awareness of the world as a living whole needs to include its sacred dimension. Otherwise any attempt we make at healing what has gone so wrong will be just treating the symptoms, ignoring their underlying cause.”

This month, our focus is on being stewards of our planet and seeing the thread of sacredness throughout all of creation. Our statement of belief says, “we believe in the Living Spirit Almighty, in and through all creation,” so it is appropriate for us to approach this world of ours with awe, respect, and gratitude. Vaughan-Lee advises us that the first step is always to see what is happening and to look beyond surface values of materialistic culture so that we can sense inwardly the sacredness that connects us to all life.

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