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Saturday, May 18, 2013

3 Excuses You Have To Stop Using Right Now To Be Happier

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An excuse is a reason or explanation used to gain exemption from doing or being something that you know you ought to be or do.

Some of my best excuses are so elaborate and so well researched that no one can question them. I've spent a lot of time perfecting my best excuses and since they are so well crafted, they really work rather well at keeping me stuck exactly in not being and not doing the things that I know would bring more happiness.

But Everyone's Doing It

There is a lot of support for making excuses. It's a lifestyle. So many people around me do it that it seems normal to quote the temperature, my age, fatigue, time, schedule, politics, mood and just about anything, as the reason for staying stuck where I am.

My favorite excuse is "I've tried that already." It's an oldie but goodie that comes out whenever anyone makes a suggestions for action in an area where I'm stuck. So since it's my best one, I'll put it on the top of my list of excuses to stop using right now.

The List

Who is the "you" in the title of this blog? Me! I hope you'll make your own list and stop what ever favorite excuses you’ve developed, if any, so that you can be happier.

Stop referring to past failed attempts as an excuse for not trying again.

Why don't you start working out? a caring friend asks, and out it comes, the excuse of having tried it.

Why don't you put your profile on a dating site? Because, I've done it before.

Have you thought of using this or that? I have, I have and because I have I am an expert on why it can't possible work now and I am justified in not trying again.

Fact is, trying again is what leads to finding the break in the list of failed attempts.

Someone pointed out that babies learn to walk by repeated failed attempts and falling forward. That brought a smile of recognition to me. And who can think about failed attempts without calling to mind the invention of the light bulb? I'm going to practice paying attention to when I want to claim the authority of failed attempts and instead of saying a quick no to myself or others, I'm going to really give whatever it is a second, third and tenth try.

Stop referring to age as an excuse for anything at all

Like a comfortable jacket I carry the excuse of my age around with me to slip on whenever I want to get out of keeping fit, flexible, eating right, dating, thinking, reading, you name it.

I think I have always done this. I've always been at the age that is inappropriate for something. Now it's boring and when I hear myself giving voice to the thought that my age has something to do with why I’m not being or doing whatever it is, I can no longer tolerate the words that want to come out.

It would be more honest to blurt out "I'm just too lazy!" And I don't think I'd like to get into the habit of that, so no more excuses. 50, one of my friends said jubilantly, is the new 25. Although I laughed I also realized that to me 50 (or whatever age) is the new 'exactly-what-it-is." In other words, I have no desire to be any other age than what I am and fact is, I love being alive.

Stop referring to busyness as an excuse for no spiritual practices

It's a sneaky thing, this particular excuse, it creeps up and presents itself righteously at the height of my busiest time, as if explaining with perfect clarity why I should be exempt from prayer, meditation, selfless-service, and charity.

It's a particularly dishonest excuse because now I know as sure as a thing can be known that without spiritual practices, I'm not nice, not happy, and certainly not in my right mind.

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