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What I Believe

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I believe that Hell is a state of mind
I believe that Heaven is a state of mind.
I believe that there is one “whatever it is”

I believe all creation originates in this One Source.
That’s what I mean when I say Spirit is all there is.
I believe everything comes from It.
And everything is contained within It.

Now I can see that many different terms are used
in various cultures and theologies to express this concept of Oneness –
some of them I like more than others.
The one I appreciate the most is the one
that each individual discovers for themselves.

Whether someone is saying
The Thing Itself, Spirit, Life, Love, First Cause, Love-Intelligence, the Absolute, Universal Mind, the Changeless, the Universe, Infinite Knowingness, the Supreme Being, the Divine Presence, and many more.

I believe they are talking about the same thing that Emerson called the Oversoul.
Or that Native Americans call the Great Spirit.
Or that Lao Tzu called the Tao.

And so I’ve come to believe that
Despite my feeling of separateness,
this oneness is irrevocable and eternal. It is who I am.
​That it can never be lost, damaged, diminished, or destroyed
​​throughout my eternal journey.

I believe that right Now and forever,
I am a product of the Mind of God
​Which I have heard expressed as
Being a child of God.
Being a channel for spirit
Being an outlet for creation
Being a point of inspiration within the mind of God

Whatever the right phrase is
I believe that we inherit the nature of the Creator
And by that I mean it is clear as crystal that our thought is creative
And that we are incredibly powerful
And that we are waking up to use that power more and more every day
And that as we do so we are realizing
That the more we train our thought to dwell upon our true nature
The less we are victims to hidden facts that do not serve us
Or anyone else.

I believe there is a spiritual law of order that governs the universe
I believe that we can see that law in action in our own lives
When we begin to notice the relationships between
Giving and receiving
Sowing and Reaping
Thinking and Creating
And I believe that misunderstanding or ignoring these natural balances does not excuse me from the effects of living in an orderly universe.
I do – I believe it.

And, furthermore, I believe that this One whatever it is…
Has no center, and no circumference and no limits
And was never created and cannot be uncreated
It never started and never ends
And so I call it infinite
And infinite to me means abundant
And abundant to me means more than I can imagine
And I look to the numbers of physical forms that surround me for confirmation
The endless supply of pollen, sand on a beach, drops of rain
I look to the numbers of ideas that pour through us and result in miraculous inventions and marvelous works of art.

And I think

I am part of that
This infinite bounty is my birthright,
But not only mine, every beings
And it occurs to me to share what I have learned
So people everywhere can shake loose from the facts hidden in them that tell them otherwise.
I believe that there is something essentially right with the world
And that every being can experience it or be supported in experiencing a more vibrant life.
I believe kindness is the most powerful path to contributing joy to the world, and that spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, study, selfless service and giving are what make the fullness of life available to all.

I believe that there is something intrinsically good about people
and that we are endowed with free will.
And I believe that what the world calls ‘evil’
is not an independent entity or force.
I believe, that I, together with all other people,
experience, create and further evil to the degree that we are
out of alignment with Spiritual Laws
and that when we come back into alignment
all things are made new.

I believe that the Thing Itself is limitless
And extends in time and space in all directions
And I call that eternity
And I understand that any moment I am experiencing
Is eternity
And I have come to learn that human forgiveness is the process
​That frees us to live in eternity.


  1. I am so glad you shared this with us. Thank you for such a passionate expression delivered from the depths of your soul, why indeed the very toes of your soul! That was a glorious morning for so many! I shall recall it often now. Blessings abound.

  2. Thanks, Edward, for posting this. I really enjoyed your Sunday talk from which these words are taken!

    1. Thanks Allan, how is your blog coming along? Are you back on line? xo Edward

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Micki, I'm really glad you took the time to post a comment. i appreciate that. xo Edward

  4. So lovely. So pure. Thank you Edward. I miss you. I'm so grateful I get to still hear you here.

    1. Thank you very much- am very grateful that you took time to leave a comment. It's nice to be reminded that someone is reading the posts. Grin!

  5. Gotta let my brother read this. He's always asking me to define my belief (which translates to: "What is Religious Science, anyway?")

    Thanks for writing this, Edward.

    My one question would be (for my own sense of clarity re: Science of Mind) is this: what do you believe about what happens to us after we die? Will we be reunited with loved ones (both human and animal)? Do we reincarnate? This is one thing that continues to perplex me, and I find that it's not discussed that much within SoM circles.

    1. Hi Jimmy - thanks for the great question. I think the reason you don't see much about the afterlife on this and other Center web sites is because it is do deeply personal. What I get from reading the literature is that your guess about the afterlife is about as good as mine. There is a tendency to affirm continuation of some kind, but nothing to say what it will be like. We dont remember who we were with in previous forms of life, or where or who/what we were. Assuming that etermal means infinite forwards and backwards my guess is that the next whatever it is is likely to be like this one - a fresh start. What do you think?


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