Blogging Made Easy: I couldn’t have done it without Edward.

     Recently I started a blog for seniors entitled Antonia’s Senior Moments. I couldn’t have done it without Edward. In addition to his outstanding blog/internet skills, he is a great listener and a perfect coach and ‘nudger’ just when I needed one. When I was timid about moving forward on one issue or another, he’d take my hand and was willing to jump in the deep end of the pool with me every time.

     I thought the mechanics of creating and maintaining my blog were something I had to struggle wIith if I wanted to communicate via the internet. Edward has taught me what I need in order to have a good time working with the various components of Antonia’s Senior Moments. It’s a fun project, and I don’t need to white-knuckle the technical parts of my creative process. His patience, humor and expert technical skills have been a true blessing.

Thank you, Edward!

Its my hobby, blogging is.  I have learned how to use all free softeware and services to make a personally enjoyable blogging experience.  By following simple search engine rules my posts are easily found.  Now I am helping others do the same.  I coach people in how to set up a Blogspot blog, establish a writing schedule, how to choose titles and keywords that will raise their posts in prominence in search results over time. My goal is to help you be creative on a consistent basis and to help share your creativity with those people who would enjoy your work the most.  I work on a fee for service basis and I only take on new would-be bloggers that are ready and willing to commit to a weekly writing schedule.

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