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Blogging for Beginners: Follow The Rules And Float To The Top of Search Results

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Everybody loves a good secret!  That's why the word "secret" is so effective in advertising.  We seem to be drawn in when we think there is something that other people don't know that we can have access to to improve something.  There are whole bunches of secret in the world of blogging, simply because you don't know about them yet.  Some of these "secrets" are common sense, others are merely the rules of the game, that if you follow them, you will start to float to the top of search results.

I love helping people get into the world of blogging and I particularly enjoy helping them get results with simple easy to follow rules that don't cost anything to put in place.  I primarily work with people
who have very little experience of blogging, the internet and who aren't looking to spend any money doing this.  So I coach people in setting up a Blogger account, my favorite for ease of use and cost (did I mention it's free) and because it is owned by Google (probably good for search results ranking).  No doubt Wordpress templates are way prettier, but no worries, things change quickly and Blogger changes to keep pace with our world.

But here's the thing, my advice is this:

Don't get distracted with what it looks like, what gadgets you can install, and which service is the best!  Some of the most compelling blogs I read don't look like anything at all! 

Why do I go back and read them?

Content, content, content.

So bells, whistles, stuff and things are amazing and available and can be learned and used, yet by themselves they will not deliver a satisfying blogging experience for you.

Lesson number one:

You have to believe you are interesting and have something interesting to express and you have to be willing to express it on a regular schedule.  If you have that, I can help piece together the rest of it.

So here is the first rule to follow that will float you to the top: write interesting, unique content. In other words, don't cut and paste content that exists anywhere else on the web.  If you have unique, interesting content, that's the first step, then there are other secrets to apply.  But I'm not going to tell you those secrets (besides, you could find them out for yourself anyway, like I did) until you show me that you can keep a writing schedule.

If you want some coaching, contact me using the menu at the top and we'll get started.  I don't charge a set fee, donations of any amount are welcomed if you think you receive value from our work together.  Currently I'm only working with people who have a Blogger account (or are willing to get one), and if you really want to get into it, you'll need to have a Facebook and Twitter account at some point.  Contact me and we'll discuss your area of interest, and I'll give you a writing assignment.  When you've completed it, we'll get started.

Read a testimonial from someone I'm working with right now:

Blogging Made Easy:  I Couldn't Have Done It Without Edward


  1. Thank you for helping me get started Edward!
    I have my own blog now each Wednesday:

    1. Congratulations Skip - what's the address of your blog so we can see it here! Warm regards, Edward

  2. Antonia's Senior Moments got going because of you, Edward. I'm sure you'll continue to ... ahem ...'encourage' me to move forward when I'm afraid and/or unsure. Thanks for ALL your support and expertise!

    1. I have been watching your blog carefully Antonia, you're following all the rules perfectly! And having fun by the looks of things.

  3. One thing that your readers may want to know is how to follow blogs via a RSS or news aggregator. I currently use Google Reader to automatically read blogs when they are updated. Google Reader is being discontinued in July, but there are other good Readers out there such as Feedly. They are invaluable in following other people's blogs.


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