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Who Wants To Go To Bali? Summer airfares are making it possible

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I'm personally excited that airfares to Bali are being offered for around $800 through Jim Omi Cramer's company.  It makes going to one of the worlds most beautiful islands affordable.  There are many inexpensive ways to travel in Bali - and if you like traveling in spiritual community, ask Jim about the upcoming Yoga Tour he has arranged with William Abel.  Or just contact William at wba31@yahoo.com to ask about his gentle yoga classes and the schedule for the tour in March.  The land portion of the tour was recently reduced.

I'm thinking of tagging along to Indonesia myself.  It's a place in the world where I feel truly peaceful.  I love the smells and tastes and sounds of Indonesia.  And the people are a trip!  I love them.

Last time I was there I brought back a statue of Saraswati carved out of limestone and it is perched in my living room reminding me of the journey, meeting the man who carved it, meeting his family, and laughing and shaking hands when all the bargaining was done.

One of of the things I appreciate about traveling with spiritual community is that it takes me to another level of comfort.  I am pretty shy and was raised to be nervous of everything.  It took me a lot of therapy to be comfortable in the world, grin... and one of the experiences that helped me the most was being in foreign lands with familiar people who were on a personal pilgrimage with me to study, pray and witness.

Summer Airfares to Bali

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