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WHat's On My iPhone: Cleartune Chromatic Tuner

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The other day when my harp's neck snapped (that's another story entirely) and I had to quickly dig out a small practice harp I had tucked away in its warm fuzzy carry bag, I realized I was going to have to tune this puppy every day for a while because it had been out of service for a while.

I left my tuner at work where the snapped harp had discombobulated me entirely.  At home, I wondered if I was up to tuning by ear - when a friend mentioned that he had a very easy to use and accurate chromatic tuner on his iPhone called Cleartune.

I downloaded it and wow!  It lets me quickly and accurately tune up anything using the iPhone's mic.  And the app site says it's availble on Android too.

The app features a wheel which quickly finds the note you're plucking and shows you just how close or far you are from being perfectly in tune.

After tuning my practice harp I started poking around t the other features, some of which I probably will never use, but wow again.  It supports custom temperaments, transposition and you can adjust the calibration.

I can't imagine an instrument that could not use Clearune.  I love it.  Best few dollars I spent recently, well, except for that Tall Latte.



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