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Frogs Eyes

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A friend told me a bout a study at the Institute of Technology in Massachusetts, in which experiments on frogs have shown that reality is not always what it appears to be.  Well, sort of.

Apparently, frogs have eyes that are structurally much like our own. Theoretically, they should be able to see as well as we do. BUT, micro electrodes implanted in the frogs eyes reveal that only limited information is being passed on from the eye to the frogs' brain.

From the richness of the visual world, only three very basic kinds of messages are being relayed to the frog.

1. General outline of environment
2. Birds of prey/movement
3. More precise information about food.

The rest of the world is filtered out, discarded as of no practical importance.

We are not much different from the frogs in this regard. Of all the information we have available, we simply do not take it in. But we constantly make decisions about how the "world is" based on what we choose to perceive. Looking through the world through our tiny slit on reality we see what we want to see!

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