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Last year in December I visited Varansi and one day the teacher of the Ashram was having his head shaved and invited me to get mine done too. I think there has only been one other time that I took it all off that way and this time, like the last, was liberating and scary.
The first night sleep was interesting as my new born scalp clinged to the rough woven pillow covers like, well, like something that clings to something else.
I found this picture again today when organizging digital pictures for work and I remembered the feeling of taking it all off and the liberation and fear that goes along with it - and I got to thinking about an email that came across my desk suggesting a powerful way to use our imagination on behalf of the election coming up. The author suggested traveling into the future four or eight years and looking back at the years of success in which her candidate had worked.
I loved the exercise, except, I thought one step further would have been to take it all off, drop all personalities and parties and rather than imagine a certain outcome, I travelled in my mind forward to October in 4 years and asked what the highest good for this country might be and would I be willing to have that regardless of who was in the White House.

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