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"Acceptance is the act of embracing what life presents to you with a good
attitude. Our bodies are among the most willing and wise teachers of this
lesson. Unless you spend a large percentage of your time engaged in
out-of-body experiences, your body shows up wherever you are. It can be an
ever-present benevolent guide or a lifelong cross to bear. The decision is
yours..." ~ Cherie Carter-Scott, IF LIFE IS A GAME, THESE ARE THE RULES

Well, I don't know about you, but watching the 2008 Olympic Games really
allowed me to focus on how "perfect" the chiseled hard bodies of so many of
those athletes are and how imperfect mine appears to be. There is no better
place than the Olympics to observe the finest physical specimens on the
planet. I actually caught myself contemplating how inferior I was feeling,
as with great envy I watched those volleyball players towering over the net.
And, who wouldn't trade their body in a heartbeat for one the likes of an
Olympic sprinter, diver or gymnast? Can you imagine how great that would be?

Okay...the fantasy is over. <smile> When was the last time you stopped to
consider what a blessing it is to have a body at all? This blessing becomes
even more poignant when you can see your body as the tool for your evolution
as a spiritual being. It is the device with which your Soul touches earth
and this amazing instrument has direct access to an inherent wisdom all of
its own: If you listen to your body, it will teach you much of what you need
to know in order to accomplish your mission here on earth. How so? Your body
is the intermediary between your emotions, feelings and the world in which
you live-It is always trying to tell you what's going on at "headquarters"
within, in the mind and heart. Our job is to deepen our skillfulness in
listening to what the body is reporting to us. The challenge lies in
understanding that we can't do that until we learn to accept, honor and love
the body in which we live.

So, how can you learn to accept, honor and love your body? Start by being in
awe of it: You don't have to be an Olympian to do that. Just acknowledge
what an amazing gift has been given to you! Your Soul Self has been given
its very own personal vehicle in which to ride around as it does what it has
come here to do. It would be rather difficult to traverse the earth without
a body. And yet, people tend to move through their daily lives rather
unconsciously, either oblivious to or denying their bodies all together.
Often, they do this because they simply don't like the body the Creator
issued to them. However, being Omniscient it's safe to say Infinite
Intelligence knew exactly what It was doing when you were shipped out in the
body you currently occupy. Your egoic self may or may not like this, but
it's true. The fact is, the body you have is the only one you're going to
get this time around. So, given the alternative, the body with which you
were gifted isn't all that bad, is it? With this nugget of knowledge, the
wisdom that Cherie Carter-Scott shares with us is quite accurate; wherever
you go your body also goes, so perhaps you might want to make peace with
your body and accept that it must be the perfect, one-of-a-kind instrument
of the Infinite's expression, custom designed for you (and the lessons you
were meant to have), or you wouldn't have been given it in the first place.
Maybe it's not your calling or mine to swing or spring from the Olympic high
bar this time around. That doesn't mean that your body or mine is any less
the perfect vessel for the Divine to use as It continually seeks Its own
fullness of Being, in, through, and as, you and I.

So, depending on your perspective, your body is either a burden or a
blessing. Which is it for you? Accept and embrace that which life has
presented to you with a grateful heart. That is when the richness of being
alive really kicks in and every breath you take becomes a blessing. So
smile...it's good to be alive, yes?

Dennis Merritt Jones

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