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Marriage as a basic human right by Rev. Deborah L. Johnson

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Below is a link to a YouTube clip about Proposition 8 from my last sermon that emphasizes the social justice issues involved. It explains why it is important to Vote No on Proposition 8 regardless of one’s opinion about male or female couples legally marrying.
Please pass it along.


The recent Supreme Court ruling acknowledged and affirmed that gay people have always had the right to marry the person of their choice as an equal protection guarantee in the state’s constitution. The ruling did not create a new right but affirmed an existing right. This is much like the Voting Rights Act of 1964 that did not grant the right to vote but simply eliminated the barriers to voting.

Research shows that people are far less likely to vote for the measure when they understand that Proposition 8 eliminates a right. However, what most people do not understand is that the Supreme Court did not create this right but affirmed an existing constitutional right which has been historically denied.

Proposition 8 sets a dangerous precedent of:
a) amending a constitution to carve out existing rights;
b) placing constitutional rights before the public as popularity contests.

There will also be an analysis of the issue posted on my website, www.deborahjohnson.org, as a pdf file that I also encourage you to pass along. The election is soon and the polls are close.

Thank You for your support!

Rev Deborah

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