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Charles Filmore on Prayer

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"Prayer is a science susceptible of being reduced to rules that prove it to be based upon demonstrable laws. The intellectual school of scientists will not accept our claim of science for prayer, because we operate in a field that they have not investigated. However "there are more things in heaven and earth . . . than are dreamt of" in their philosophy.

"We who are testing out the laws of prayer cannot say with assurance that we have discovered and applied all of them so clearly that we can teach them to the multitude. The laws of prayer require a spiritually developed mind to give them full expression; hence not all persons are at once competent to cover the whole range of mental and spiritual activity requisite to the unfailing demonstration of prayer. Jesus taught that whatever we ask in prayer, believing, we shall receive.

"So right at the beginning of our inquiry into scientific prayer we find a very vital condition emphasized and demonstrated by Jesus in His most effective prayers, and that is faith. We must have faith, though it be merely of mustard-seed size, before we can approach the fulfillment of the law of prayer.

"Faith is the most mysterious of the spiritual faculties

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