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Happy Valentines Day

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I wonder if you know the story of Saint Valentine? Blindness was cured. Miracles happened. Lives changed.

The story has less to do with romantic love than it does with the capacity that humans have to see each other and to care about each other and to be genuinely good souled....and the effects of that goodness, that's what the Saint's story is about. It's the story of what will happen to our world if we loved without expectation of anything in return.

Put aside sweethearts and chocolats for a teeny moment today and write a love letter like the saint did - and if you don't know what his letter said, it's worth finding out and plaguerizing - to someone, anyone. Make it anonymous for extra credits.

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  1. Happy Love Day. I searched for the original text of the St. V's letter or letters and haven't found any. Can you direct me to a specific resource? Thanks & Love.

  2. Valentinus, the hero of the legend, lived in the time of Claudius Caesar, Emperor of Rome in the second century a.d. Claudius had ordered the entire Roman population to worship twelve pagan gods, and made it a capital crime to associate with Christians. Since Valentinus would not stop practicing his faith, he was arrested and thrown into prison.

    Roman prisons were not exactly like modern prisons. Prisoners often had some freedom. The jailer in this case recognized that Valentinus was an honorable man and a learned one too. Therefore he inquired of Valentinus if he would instruct his blind daughter, Julia, who was young and anxious to learn.

    Valentine read stories of Rome to her and described the world of nature which surrounded her. We can be sure, too, that he told her about God. Julia began to see the world through the eyes of Valentinus and found spiritual comfort in his spiritual strength.

    Julia wondered if God really hears our prayers, and Valentinus assured her that He does, provided it is for our greater spiritual good. She said she was now praying every morning and night that she might see everything that Valentinus had told her about the world. Then one day as they sat together praying, a brilliant light flashed in Valentinus's cell. Julia shouted, "Valentinus, I can see! I can see!".

    On the eve of his martyrdom, Valentinus wrote a letter to his pupil, urging her to stay close to God in prayer. Without any further expression of affection he signed it, "From your Valentinus."

    Extracted from http://www.struggler.org/Valentine.html

  3. Mmmm...Yummy. I've been reading many versions without these sweet details. Thank you, Sweet Sir.


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