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Blog Writing Suggestions

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Here are some thoughts about writing blogs, with search engines in mind.

Let the title of your blog resemble a phrase that someone might type in a search engine.  When I think of my own habits using search engines, I often type out a whole questions.  "What is the time in Bangkok?"  "How do I forgive?," or "What is the difference between a dream and a fantasy?" Or, I'll use a short phrase to describe what I'm looking for, such as "Blog writing suggestions."  So when I'm choosing a title for a blog, I try to think with a searcher's mind.

Title and Content Matching

The next thing I pay attention to is to make sure that the title text actually appears in the body of the post somewhere.  It doesn't have to be at the top of the article, and not necessarily word-for-word.  The idea is that using the title in your text makes sure that the post and title are related.  I don't enjoy searching for and finding articles that are not about the headline attached to them!

Relevant Labels

Next I pay attention to the labels (or tags) and I make sure that I use labels that actually relate to the content of the article.  For example, for this article I might enter the label "writing blogs" because the article is exactly about that, and someone searching for the phrase, if they find this article, will not have been lured here under false pretenses.  I could use the label "how to forgive" because the words actually appear in the text, however, would someone searching for that phrase be happy to land on an article about blog titles and labels?

Help Your Readers Decide to Stay

So much content and so little time.  Many people land somewhere and quickly scan the content.  They make a decision very quickly about staying and reading more or going back to the search results.  To help the scanners among your readers, you can separate ideas with headlines as I have here. A scanner will browse through the headlines and that will help her decide whether or not the page has what she wants much more easily than if she has to wade through a lot of text.

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