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Blog Coaching

Edward set up everything so fast! He told me what to bring to our appointment, and was patient when I had to make a decision. And in seeming no time at all, he had my blog up, social media accounts, all set up to automatically post things when I publish a blog article. It is so fun to be blogging! I wish I'd done it sooner! And I am so grateful for the technical help, even though I'm a techie. It's like when I hire a mechanic or handy man, I am paying for their expertise to know exactly what needs fixing or attending to. Fabulous experience!
Naava Dewey
When I thought of linking to the internet I would get tied up in knots…Then I began Edward’s “blog coaching” program and everything changed. Edward’s instruction was consistent and easy to understand. He led me step by step to the creation of my blog in a very short time. Edward’s experience, creativity and technical skills also made it possible for me to learn quickly . As my skills advanced I was able to build on what I learned and I can’t wait for my next coaching session with Edward. I hope you try Edward’s blog coaching program-you will have an exciting enriching time as you meet your goals to develop or enhance your successful internet presence.
Dr. Siota Belle

Recently I started a blog for seniors entitled Antonia’s Senior Moments. I couldn’t have done it without Edward. In addition to his outstanding blog/internet skills, he is a great listener and a perfect coach and ‘nudger’ just when I needed one. When I was timid about moving forward on one issue or another, he’d take my hand and was willing to jump in the deep end of the pool with me every time.I thought the mechanics of creating and maintaining my blog were something I had to struggle with if I wanted to communicate via the internet. Edward has taught me what I need in order to have a good time working with the various components of Antonia’s Senior Moments. It’s a fun project, and I don’t need to white-knuckle the technical parts of my creative process. His patience, humor and expert technical skills have been a true blessing.
Thank you, Edward!
Antonia Albany


Hi, I'm Edward

Blogging is my hobby. I have learned how to use all free software and services to make a personally enjoyable blogging experience. By following simple search engine rules my posts are easily found. Now I am helping others do the same. I coach people in how to set up a Blogspot blog, establish a writing schedule, how to choose titles and keywords that will raise their posts in prominence in search results over time. 

My goal is to help you be creative on a consistent basis and to help share your creativity with those people who would enjoy your work the most.

I work on a fee for service basis.  You can pay whatever you like by using the PayPal button on this blog.

I only take on new would-be bloggers who are ready and willing to commit to a weekly writing schedule.

Click here to contact me with a short paragraph for each of these questions:

  • What do you hope to achieve by having a blog?
  • What do you want to blog about?
  • What experience do you want your readers to have when they visit your blog?
Xo  Edward


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I always knew that social media was a valuable key to greater success for my business, but the learning curve seemed too daunting. Working with Edward as my social media coach completely cut my learning curve down to size, allowing a greater audience more access to my products as well as increasing my revenue. I heartily recommend him!

Randall Friesen

Blessings, blogger buddies! If you are looking for a wonderful blogmeister, don't fail to contact Rev. Edward Viljoen! He can make any beginner a competent blogger in record time! And he is patient and humorous in his instructions! Make haste to contact him.....today!

Margaret Stortz

"Edward, from the bottom (and top) of my heart I thank you.  You have guided me through the unknown, seemingly murky terrain of Blog land, and I'm completely unscathed, thanks to you. You invited me to join the ranks of peeps who share their ideas with the world when I didn’t even know that this is exactly what I had wanted.  You have made this blogging thing so easy. Your skill at navigating all the technical procedures has been quite impressive. Moreover, you make it look so easy. You make it look fun! Now that's a gift. You have tailored this so perfectly to me that I have easily stepped in and am now having oodles of fun myself.  I recommend your remarkable skill at supporting others in the world of Blogging to all who want support and coaching in this realm.”


I have a blog with Edward, and I have to say that on a personal and professional level Edward never fails to follow through with all he has promised. Not only have I found working with Edward to be an exciting experience but also a fun up lifting journey. 

The work Edward has put into getting my blog up is absolutely fantastic, he works hard and will follow up with you all the time.  There has not been a single time I have had to contact Edward to find out what is happening on my blog.  He is up to date and on top of things all the time. The best part about my blog is that it is linked up to all the social networks so I get the widest range of advertising for my company.

I would recommend anyone to work with Edward and let him help you achieve the best in social net work for your business.

Tish Eugenio


When I heard Edward say that blogging is like journalling in public, I thought - Great - I can't even journal in private, how on earth am I going to journal in public? And yet by some alchemical magic, a few blog coaching sessions with Edward and I had not only a beautiful blog site with my favorite colors, I had actually written 8 blog posts!!  Working with Edward is fun, uplifting, educational, and did I say fun?! He is a wonderful teacher, no question is too dumb, and  I always come away from each session filled with new tips and tricks to spread my blogging message into the wide reaches of the internet.  If you have a message you want to share with the world, Edward will take you by the hand and guide you step by step.  I highly recommend Edward, he is an awesome blog coach!  

Julie Burns


Edward is an AMAZING teacher when it comes to blogging and social media. I’m a performing artist who is about as interested in blogging and social media as… we’ll it’s just not my thing. However – after working with Edward I can now see how it works, why it works and how to make it work better without it overwhelming what I really want to be doing – practicing and performing my music while getting folks to the concerts and events and my blog.

Thank you Edward!!!
Chris Fritzsche

“I highly recommend Edward Viljoen to anyone inspired to start a blog.
In one hour with Edward, we were able to set up my blog site and organize all of my monkey brain thoughts into clear subject lines for potential blogs. He moved quickly through the hour, not wasting any time. He was gentle and kind and seemed to have an intuitive understanding of exactly what it was I needed to know (or not) and do to move forward with my work.
My subject is a highly stigmatized one, yet I felt no judgment from him. In fact, I felt very relaxed working with him, and we even shared a few laughs along the way. He is technically outstanding in his knowledge of blogging and social media, making me feel very comfortable and safe in knowing how to present my writing.
He does not stop after the first meeting either. In subsequent e-mails with questions, he followed up promptly and clearly with answers to my questions. I cannot recommend him highly enough."
Christina Haas


I write to recommend the blog initiation, support, and social networking services offered by Dr Edward Viljoen.  With Doctor Edward’s help and encouragement, I was able to launch and manage my own blog, Reedmylips, the Adventures of Oboeman.

Edward is familiar with all the opportunities and possible pitfalls involved in launching a blog. His service enables the selection of free blogging sites. In addition, Edward knows how to make blogs automatically interact with social networking sites. Edward’s technical expertise and service are offered up along with personal encouragement and a sense of humor. He is patient with those of us who may be unfamiliar with the many opportunities that exist for distribution of our efforts on the world wide web, and the ways that  these services can be deployed to interact with each other.
Although I am a person who at times exhibits exasperation with electronic devices and technical details, I found that Edward has just the right combination of patience and forward push to enable success.

Daniel Celidore

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