The Power of Meditation: How do you practice meditation?

I've been asking friends "How do you practice meditation?"  The responses are amazing, inspiring, and a reminder to me that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to spiritual practices.

One friend looked right back at me when I asked her the question and said "I write it down," and explained to me that she uses free-style writing as a method for meditation, letting herself write in an unstructured, uninhibited way.

I wasn't expecting that. It reminded me of what another friend said about her contemplative practice:

"I practice with several different kinds of meditative styles, and use whatever one I'm drawn to on any particular day. I have done a gratitude practice every night for about 12 years. I choose a journal in January for the year and each evening write what I am grateful for that day. I silently review the day in my mind, and then write "I am grateful for....", one per line, filling most of a page each day. We use to do this as a family, 5 gratefuls for each of us, when my son was about 5 yrs. to 9 yrs. old. I have kept all of the journals through the years."

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