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The Power of Meditation: Complete Body Scan As Meditation

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“How do you meditate?” I asked a friend.  Try asking your friends the same question.  I have been doing it for while now and picked up a number of suggestions to add to my own practice.

One friend answered, “I meditate on my stationary bike because I enjoy the alone time so much.  When I’m peddling I begin what I call a body scan.  I always start with my toes, working from the bottom of my body going up.  I mentally scan each toe looking for tension and imagining the release of tension.  Sometimes I go very slowly, one inch of body at a time, depending on my schedule.  Other times I scan larger body sections, such as a foot, then my calf muscles.  When I get to top of my head I don’t stop there.

"That’s the second part of my meditation.  I imagine this scan I’ve been making from the bottom of my body moving up to be like a building momentum of energy that in my imagination I let continue past my head, extending up as far as my mind can conceive.  Then I let myself play with mental imagery of where that goes.  Up, for example, beyond our solar system and wherever my thought will take me. Finally, I let the idea of the rising energy reconnect to my feet, where I started, so I’m imagining a complete circuit.

"Sometimes I’ll feel my body respond to this meditation with warmth or even a buzzing.  It’s very enjoyable, and I look forward to it.  When I’m done I feel more aware of my body, and I feel alive and even connected to the earth in a way of speaking."

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