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Neiman Marcus unveils 2012 "fantasy gifts" list

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On the list of fantasy gifts from Neiman Marcus fantasy catalogue are the following gift items for the season:

  1. A 2013 McLaren 12C Spider special-edition sports car. There are only 12 of them, so the $354,000 price tag shouldn't be a shock.
  2. A part in the Broadway show "Annie: The Musical" for $30,000, you just walk on and be amazing for the show. No talent needed.
  3. Instant hen farm for $100,000, with a stylized chateau like hen-house and ten hens to lay the eggs.
  4. His and hers watches from Van Cleef & Arpels, along with a trip to Europe for $1.0M+
  5. Dinner for 10, with tequila tasting, prepared by famous chefs, for $250,000
  6. A jetpack for $99,500 which can lifts the wearer up at a stunning $32 mph.

I'm happy to celebrate other people's prosperity. I'm also struck by how odd this list comes across at a time when the country seems to be struggling with joblessness, foreclosures, rising gas prices and homelessness. Reading the list got me to thinking, what would I do if I had a spare $1.0M dollars? Buy a watch? I don't think I would. There are so many people I know for whom $100 would make a huge difference right now. I am remember with gratitude an anonymous donor who last year in December gave me $1000 in 10 $100 bills and asked me to distribute them to members of the community who might need them.

I don't think I'll forget the experience. Some recipients literally burst into tears when I told them that some unknown person wanted them to have a little something extra for the season. One woman cried so hard that for a moment I couldn't tell if she was happy or sad.

If you had an extra $1.0M, what would you do with it?

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