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Holiday Gifts Made in The USA from Nordstrom?

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Not Made Here

I'm interested in bringing a balance to my shopping by increasing the amount of local products I buy (I'm still griping over the locally made olive oil, so darn expensive, but so awesome, and there is the feel-good thing that happens when I check out and x amount of dollars was spent on local goods).  I also keep on the look out for products made in the USA and this has been an eye opening experience.  Especially last year around Fourth of July when I discovered just how many USA flags are not made here.  It wasn't easy finding a flag made in the USA.

Made Right Here
This morning I read an article about Nordstrom and skeptically imagined that most of the clothing items in the store's catalog were probably like the flags I found, made somewhere else.  I visited Nordstrom's online shopping catalogue and entered "USA" in the search field mostly as a joke to see what holiday gifts made in the USA I could find from Nordstrom.

Well, the search results made me sit up straight in my chair.  There was a whole list of items, a big generous list of items for men, women and children in the Made In The USA grouping.  Funniest of all was a Vintage Havana "Salt and Pepper" Sweater for big girls with a Union Jack flag on the front. 


I wrote an article about how shopping for products in the USA isn't all that difficult with a little effort, but I didn't realize it was as easy as this!  I'm thrilled.  To be certain the search results weren't a mistake I clicked on article after article of clothing, the Hudson Jeans Slouchy Skinny Legs for men sure enough says "made in the USA" and the Zero Gravity "Guadalupe" iPhone 5 Case, "made in the USA" and the Govino Shatterproof Champagne Flutes also, "made in the USA."  I love it.

Might Be Made Here

I did a similar search for "USA" on Target's online catalog and checked a few items, like the Crane Nursery Ultrasonic Humidifier.  The item says "Made in the USA or Imported."   Er... well, which is it?  Same with the Maggie Bags Tote of Many Colors (red, white and blue flag-like design) "Made in the USA or imported."

More Search Results

Macy's too, for a search on "USA" yielded all kinds of interesting stuff, like a Meatloaf Pan with Insert, clearly stating "made in the USA."  But some items in the search result do not clearly state where they are made. The point is, it's really not that difficult to bring some balance and find products made in the USA.  Just some balance.

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