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Gradients Are Effective in Web Design, and Part of Life in General

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The second bit of useful web design advice I received from reading Mark Prashan’s article had to do with the appropriate use of gradients, the gradual change from one color to another, or from one intensity of a color to another in an object.

imageI’ve been thinking about gradients in life and how it appears to be that all of life is a gradual unfolding.  Wherever I find myself at any given moment, it appears I am halfway between where I was and where I’m headed.  Even in moments when I think I have arrived, it appears to be that it is merely a resting point along a continuum. I try to keep in mind to love the journey as much as the destination I think I’m headed for.

Recently at a relicensing seminar for licensed spiritual counselors I asked those who were in attendance what they would tell themselves now that they had been licensed for two years, if they could travel back in time and whisper in the ear of their freshly graduated selves.

Among other things, the relicensing professionals say they would tell themselves to relax more, to have a sense of humor, to accept that what they know is what they know and it will all change soon enough, to keep in mind that they don’t have to do it all perfectly, and importantly, to be kind to themselves.  The conversation reminded me again that life is an unfolding treasure and each step of the way we learn more about what is wrapped up in life.

Lao-Tsu is quoted as saying “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Someone once told me that there may be a more accurate rendition of the original language that goes like this, “Even the longest journey begins where you are standing.”  Whether or not this is true, the sentiment in the second version is worth considering.  It has helped me to keep in mind to acknowledge, even love, where I am standing, so that when I do take a step onward in the journey it is motivated more by love, than by reaching.

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