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Dr. Kathy Hearn, Integration Conference 2012

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Dr. Kathy Hearn, first and only elected Community Spiritual Leader of the reorganized United Centers for Spiritual Living recounts the history leading to this conference where the two ranches of our movement were finally united yesterday in an historic vote. Dr. Kathy succeeded Dr. Christian Sorenson, the last Community Spiritual Leader of the former United Church of Religious Science and is succeeded by Dr. Ken Gordon, first Spiritual Leader of Centers for Spiritual Living.

The newly-elected Leadership Council:

3 years: Heather Clark
2 years: David Alexander
1 year: Patrick Cameron

3 years: Becky Moore
2 years: Deborah Gauvreau
1 year: Drew Johnson

3 years: Walter Drew
2 years: Geoffrey Sindon
1 year: Eileen Flanigan

These 9, along with the Spiritual Leader (Ken Gordon), the President (John Waterhouse), and the 3 staff members (Steve Burton, Judy Morley, and Gregory Toole) comprise the first Leadership Council of Centers for Spiritual Living.


  1. Thank you so very much for posting this...for a few minutes today, I was actually transported to New Orleans with all of you! Love & blessings - Rev. Kathy Kuna

  2. Thank you Kathy. I appreciate your comment. Xbox. Edward


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