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Learning About The Bible As An Adult: What I Learned From Noah Part 3

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Our lives can be subject to many influences such as peer pressure, the history of our family, the traditions of our culture, and advertising. Sometimes it happens that we wake up to these influences and decide to make a change and go against the powerful flow of such influences.  Such a change may require a radical change in scene, at least for a time, so that a sort of cleansing can take place.  It may mean that you have to step out of the sphere of influence of a powerful friend, or you may have to interrupt a compelling habit, and so on, so that the tendency to continue along that path can die away.

Sometimes when people make such changes in their lives, they report that friends who strongly identify with the previous way are disappointed, and the friend fall away with the abandoned habit.  And when we are in that change time, it can feel like we are shut up in dark box, floating around in the middle of nowhere. 

That is what the story of Noah reminds me of.  Here is how I read it:  God (that which is perfect in all of us) becames exceedingly sorrowful at the state of the world (our affairs) and decides it all has to go.  Obviously not some outer God, but something more like the spark of life or consciousness or perfection or whatever you want to call it. Imagine it whispering to you "this is not right for you!  And for you to get out of this, you need a radical change and transformation.  You are facing a whole new way of being right now--not later, now-- and you need to start preparing for it immediately."

To be continued...

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