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Traffic In Bali: Who Goes First?

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Traffic in Bali seems to be governed by a simple rule: go! Hesitation upsets the orderly ant columns. Motorcycles, bicycles, minivans and trucks weave easily in a nonstop flow around, between and over. Park anywhere it seems. "Wait!" I think at the driver as he edges into a fast moving lane "Those minivans are headed straight for us!". I imagine a similar scene in California would cause angry shouts and angrier hand gestures. Not here, the minivans accommodate, swerve, blend and pass. it's going to be ok.

Who goes first? The biggest vehicle seems to have right of way. A universally understood system of horn blowing helps the movement of traffic. Not the loud boisterous "What do you think you're doing?" blasts in California. No. Horns and bells politely inform the surrounding vehicles of your presence. "I'm behind you.". "I am coming around this corner." "I am right next to you."

One of our drivers backed into another minivan. The two drivers discussed and our driver informed us that it was merely a miscommunication.

How about that?

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