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Spaghetti Balinese and Kay-sedillas

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Fly all the way to Indonesia and you can enjoy a lovely cup of Starbucks coffee in Kuta, in Ubud, everywhere.  And then stop in at Dunkin' Donuts; or maybe get your donut desert right after your KFC fix!  I don't know; options, options, options.  You can have Italian, Mexican, Japanese -- it's all available.

But not green olives.  No green olives in Bali apparently.

Your dirty martini is going to have a black olive in it and it wont be dirty at all.  And you better
watch the making of it else it will be a thimble of gin, chilled and dressed with a black olive.

No, I don't want a Kay-sedilla (the way they pronounce it though it disarmingly charming), I want Nasi Campur or Mie Goreng, or Gado Gado, or...

I don't want spaghetti or pizza.  I don't want Baskin Robbins.  I don't want brand-name jeans.  I want Kopi Bali.  I want a fresh coconut with a hole chopped in it and a straw.

A polish traveler on a shuttle bus from crazy Kuta to peaceful Sanur listened to my whining and said "You can't blame them for wanting to live a normal life like the rest of the world."

Insert blank stare here.

The remainder of the shuttle ride was endured in sullen silence on my part.  The other passengers spoke.  I fumed.  I'll drink Starbucks in the USA, not in Indonesia.  Is that so wrong?

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