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What’s On My IPhone? Games and Entertainment too.

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Not only do I love my iPhone for how it helps my productivity and organization, I have some annoyingly addictive games that I confess to playing with in the wee hours when I probably should be meditating or reading spiritual books.  Well, I do that too.  It’s not either/or, a spiritual teacher once said, rather both/and. 

So here is one game that entertains me.  Frustrates me is more accurate.  Until recently, when the makers released an update, I was utterly stuck on a level and seriously agitated in a way that I am pleased to have been able to hide from most people.  Embarrassing to discover that a little screen and test of wits and dexterity can do that to me.

The game is Geared by Bryan Mitchell.  For 99 cents you can have a whole bunch of fun trying to make all the cogs turn. 200 levels and, thank God, you can now skip to levels if, like me, you are completely flummoxed by one level.  This game appeals to me I think because as a child I would draw mysterious and fantastic machines with levers and cogs connected to each other just like in this game.  I can’t explain why it is so satisfying when the cogs are placed just so and everything turns.


The yellow cog has to be connected with a variety of different size cogs to the blue cogs so that all of them turn.


The red is the ‘no fly’ zone, strategically placed in each level to make you think and stretch.


I love this game because it does make me think and I feel like I’ve been to the brain-gym after playing a level or two.

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