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Yuma Saionji: Vision for Japan

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Beloved Colleagues,

Yuka Saionji is a young, darling, conscious and precious woman in Tokyo who is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group. Her family, particularly her grandfather, established the Goi Peace foundation that created the peace poles that so many of our centers/churches have. I just received her message below, with a wonderful vision for Japan that we can join in with her. We know how powerful combined vision and intention are!

In Love and Peace,

Dr. Kathy Hearn
Community Spiritual Leader

From: Yuka Saionji

Dearest EL members,

Thank you all... so much, for the continuos loving support and messages. It means so much to us!!! Everyday when I listen to the news, I couldnt stop crying.. and all I can feel is hurt and not knowing what we can do... its so easy to be trapped and caught in this information/situation. Watching the devastating scene over and over again, creating fear and more threat/negative info towards the future.

And my parents and I started talking, that we NEED a positive information to be put to the people. They are scared, worried and confused about their future. Yes, the whole town vanished. But then, it means we can create a new beautiful town from scratch!! .... right? We need a vision, where people can be excited about, to want to work towards, to see the bright possibility that we can all create. We don’t want to re-build the same exact town we had before. We want something better, something more beautiful, sustainable... a model to all the other world !!

So Goi Peace Foundation decided to create that vision.. that blue print, that future that we can all together create!!! GPF focuses on 4S’s- Science, Spirituality, System and Sustainability. We can now from scratch, create a city, a town that represents the new way of living. A town where all 4S collaborate and supply each other..

And we want to ask all our networks and friends, who would support us together, to create a sustainable loving future of Japan. We will work with architects, designers, professors from different field, artists,
scientists, young generations, technicians.... and to combine everyone’s wisdom together, for the exciting possibility this tragedy has brought. We hope to work with past Goi Peace awardees, as well as Evolutionary Leaders and many other wonderful people through the networks we were fortunate to have.

We know there are young people eager to volunteer but asked not to come cause there is nothing they can do now. We know there are amazing minds in many fields that can create a vision of an exciting future. We know that people will stand up and would love to join, once they see the positive future they can create together!!! And all we need is to start make this happen.

My parents were just talking about it today, so we dont have any concrete plan at this moment, but we are going to work to make this happen. And we want to have as many supporters and collaborators that can give us the wisdom, the support the vision of the future we want to create.

We hope you can help us!!!!

Lots of love,

PS... Wanted to send something positive so Ive been translating moving stories happening in Japan. please have a look when you have time. Thank you!!

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