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What's On My iPhone? My iTunes Library, Music from my past. Allison Moyet and Jon Mark

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Old cassettes used to simply disappear or wear out. CD's last longer. Digital libraries are practically forever.

Lurking in not too frequently visited corners of my digital life is a whole history of music I used to listen to. Cleaning up digitally I found some fond friends and feel encouraged to listen to music today that I haven't heard since forever.

Alison Moyet's Alf. I recently searched YouTube and found some great old clips of Alison performing. I had never seen them before because when I fell in love with her music there was no easy way accurately retrieve video from endless, endless, endless fields of data.
Just looking at the album cover words from the album flood into my memory. "I just don't want to be lonely...," "You're no longer there...," oh the tragedy of it. No wonder I grew up all melancholic! I love this album and I wonder how many others do to.

And Land of Merlin by Jon Mark...I still love this one a lot. I personally believe I am responsible for the sale of many dozens of this one.

I played this CD many times for meditation groups I started some 20 years ago in Burbank on Saturday afternoons when I was in training for ministry. So many times that I think it laid track in my memory and even today when I played it I instantly accessed that quieter mind and settled down for some peaceful moments. Frequently after the meditations people would ask "What was that music?" It is perfect for meditation in my opinion, as training wheels as or for times when the one meditating cannot still the mind with silence alone.

One year in a particularly difficult period of my ministry I played Jon Marks CD all night and it helped me to sleep in a deep and restful way that had eluded me in the preceding days.

Looking forward to hearing from you and learning about oldies lurking on your digital media.

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