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Moving Stories from people in japan

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by Yuka Saionji on Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 6:28am
Moving stories of the people from Japan. I translated some from @prayforjapan, some are from TV news I am hearing. There is so much love and hope and beautiful stories even in such devastated times.

A high school boy was saved because he climbed up on top of the roof of a department store during the flood. The flood came so suddenly, that he saw people just below him.. trying to climb up the roof … being taken by the flood. But he knew that he had to leave something that showed that he and these others were alive… so he kept filming that situation. He still cant reach his parents but he says, its no body’s fault. There is no one to blame. So I know we have to stay strong and be positive. That is the mission of those who are alive.

I saw a little boy thanking the station staff saying “thank you so much for trying hard to run the train last night” the staff had tears in his eyes, and I was crying…

In the super market where all the things fell, people were picking up things so neatly together, and then quietly stand in line to buy food. I was glad to be a Japanese.

A foreign friend told me, they were shocked to see a looong queu form so neatly behind one public phone.
Everyone waited so patiently to use the phone even though everyone must have been eager to call their families.

The traffic was horrible!! Only one car can move forward at green light. But everyone was driving so calmly. During the 10 hour drive (which would only take 30 minutes normally) the only horns I heard was a horn of thank you. It was a fearful time … but then again a time of warmth and it made me love Japan more.

Last night when I was walking home (cause all traffic stopped) an old lady from the bakery shop which was totally passed their closing time was giving out free bread. Even at times like this, people were trying to find what they can do and it made my heart warm.

When I was waiting at the plat form, so tired and exhausted… a homeless person came to us and gave a cardboard to sit on… even though we usually ignored them in our daily life… it was so warm

Suntory (juice company) are giving out free drinks, phone company creating more wi-fi spots, 1000000 noodles given from food company… everyone is helping the best they can. We have to do our best too, to stand up.

When I was walking home for 4 hours… there was a lady holding a sign that said “please use our toilet” they were opening their house for people to go to the restroom. When I saw that, it made me cry feeling the warmth of people

At Disneyland, they were giving out candies. High school girls were taking so many so I was thinking “what???” but then the next minute, they ran to the children in the evacuation place and handed it to them. That was a sweet gesture.

When there is a black out, there are people working to fix it. When the water stops there are people working to fix that too.. and when there is problem with nuclear energy there are people going there to fix that. It doesn’t fix automatically. While we are waiting for things to be fixed saying we are cold.. there are people risking their life to fix it.

An old man at the evacuation shelter was saying “whats going to happen now..” and then a young high school boy sitting next to him said “don’t worry!! When we grow up, we will promise to fix it back !!” and was rubbing the old mans back. And when I was listening to that conversation, I felt hope. There is a bright future

Okay, so we experienced the world biggest… M9.0 Then we got to make the world biggest energy and love too… to build back our life.

See @prayforjapan for more…

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