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The following simple procedure, practiced daily in a persistent, happy and expectant manner, will soon produce a good effect upon your [wellbeing]:

Night and morning, try to set apart a time in which to be quiet, to commune with your real self. This becomes the period in which you clarify your mental atmosphere. Be as relaxed physically as you can, but neither the position you occupy, the chair in which you sit, nor the room has anything to do with the real work you are doing. Merely see to it that there is no physical discomfort while you attempt to direct your thinking.

Now that some of the bodily tension, which is the bane of our anxious way of living, has been released, say with conviction and feeling:

I am strong and free through
the Action of God in me.
I am well and successful in everything I do.

Repeat this until you feel the thrill of it all through you. It is a wonderful tonic. After that….have a quiet prayer time in which you do not ask for things or conditions, but name them, accept them as already belonging to you, and give thanks for them. This whole procedure will take about twenty minutes. But will it be worthwhile? You would not start on a day’s trip in your car without an adequate supply of gas and oil, would you? Why start out on your day’s work without getting yourself properly supplied, physically, emotionally and spiritually?

A feeling of complete well-being will diffuse through you at the conclusion of this quiet time. See if you can keep this high consciousness all day.


  1. Hi Edward, Who wrote this? The language is maybe Fillmore, or Emma, or Emmet Fox? Oh, I just re-read the ending with the reference to driving a car, so it maybe more recent. I love a feeling of well-being being diffused through me! Thanks for this wonderful tonic.
    Blessings, Sherrie Corbett

  2. Ernest Holmes - How to Change Your Life!


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