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Saturday, July 26, 2008

You Can

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Everyday we can decide to do something to activate self love
Actually, our whole life is one endless series of decisions and choices
And I think that as I have become aware that… I really do have choices to make
It’s helped me tremendously
to be more responsible for my decisions and choices.

And that by itself is a powerful way to activate love for others
By becoming more responsible
By giving your attention to the choices and decisions
That bring out more of your natural goodness

There really is a way to love the world:
Become a better human being.
Become a beneficial presence in your family and community

1 comment:

  1. Well, bless your heart ... you have a blog. It's terrific to be able to find places on the Internet that offer moments of joy ... really an extension of what you offer on Sundays.
    Of course, I had to leave a comment since I am the "Catherine" who always leaves that ongoing prayer request to "be a famous writer, richly paid for my creations" in that little brown box of yours. Do you think if I hire a plane to write that saying across the sky God will hurry up? (Laugh) KIDDING!
    I think...
    I hope I made you smile, as you have always done for me. Congratulations on the blog.
    Catherine, the redhead blogger


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