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Dear Edward,

I too was very touched and moved by your speaking this last class past. So much resonated with me in the similarities of my experience of violence and abuse at the hands of men most specifically my biological and step fathers. Never being particularly adept in the arena of team sports, much the same occurred during schooling years. These were back in the days when being bullied and beat up was considered good for a young man’s character. As a result I have found myself reticent to participate in all male activity. I have considered ManSpirit, but this ugly demon of fear always rises up in full display. Your speaking made me feel that perhaps it would be a good thing in which to involve myself. Being in group with loving, caring men would go a long way towards dispelling the patterns the old agreements I have set for myself.

So I thank you deeply for being open with your sharing...this process of self mastery is though at times painful, so profoundly worth it for me in awakening.


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