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Any attempt to live from the outside, in is fruitless. We must first change our inner thoughts---and then the outer experience will automatically reflect those thoughts. A change in consciousness is always a prerequisite to increased prosperity. Without it, you are just “fund-raising.” And any increase in funds will automatically be wasted or lost without the consciousness to support it.

Chris Michaels
Your Soul’s Assignment

In what ways have you measured your worth by what you own? Can you imagine what value you would bring to a group of people stranded on an island with no money and assets? Can you imagine what your best qualities are and why they are so valuable to the world?

If you haven’t already done so, consider making a list of characteristics in you that are valuable.

There is nothing in the universe that wishes evil to anyone; indeed, it is only as we experience good that God is expressed through us. The more completely we realize good, happiness, and success, the more perfectly do we express God and the more of God we become; that is, the more does God become personified through us.
Ernest Holmes
The Hidden Power of the Bible

As time goes by, if you continue dwelling on this idea of a friendly universe that works for you, slowly your understanding of your place in the universe grows and you become aware that you are home, exactly where you are supposed to be.

There isn’t anywhere else to be. There is only this place and time and the opportunity to express it as fully and as richly as possible. What does it mean to you to more fully express Life?

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