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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When My Friends Write I Get Inspired To Write Too

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Even when I was a kid, I seemed to prefer to do what my friends were doing.  I enjoy doing activities in groups and I get inspired when I’m with people who are inspired by what they are doing.  Recently my colleague, Jeff Anderson, came into my office all smiley faced with the news that his book The Nature of Things:  Navigating Everyday Life With Grace had been released on Kindle.  His enthusiastic news made me all excited myself to get back to writing.
I remembered, then, that there has been a little whirlwind of publications from people I know recently.  I’m hoping it is contagious and that I’ll get back to writing prompted by this creativity in the air.  Today a friend reminded me of something I know, and that is to sit down and write every day no matter what. 
Apparently people around me have been doing just that, and doing it well.

Cynkay Morningsong, who sings in our choir, wrote The Four Goals of Life: A Survival Guide for the Kali Yuga, Cameo Archer wrote The Garners of Shanghai and Sanna Rose wrote Voice of Angels.
It’s not that I haven’t been writing, just not writing anything towards a specific book project, but that all going to change now that I’ve been infected by all this creativity.  And, also, because I have a project now.

Nothing like a deadline and a focus to get it going.

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  1. Thanks Rev Ed,
    I just bought the e-book version of Rev Jeff's book to read soon, and I am staying up late working on my book (a shape-shifter, time-traveler novel that is an adventure that shares what my heart has been surprised into learning). The "Writing bug" is indeed infectious.


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