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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Follow Your Doctor's Orders: Love One Another

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Is it possible for us to pick up the energy of fear from others in the same way that we catch a cold? If we are connected through our shared heritage in God, then yes, we can. The whole world is filled with the thought energy of the people who live in it, and we are all more or less subject to the emotions of the group. We must learn to step out of the influence of the group mind and not surrender to the fears that run through society.

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The Bible tells us that perfect Love casts out fear, and that where Love is, fear cannot remain. We can apply this to our lives, to our families, and to the people around us by taking time daily to establish our minds in perfect Love. In that way, we can become a broadcasting station of peace. Even though the world may be in the grip of fear of what has happened and what may happen, we do not have to succumb to it. The work of metaphysicians is to examine their own thinking and mindfully return to the acceptance of God’s presence and broadcast that. We do not have to become liberators of humanity, just liberators of our own mind, and the peace that results will be contagious to those around us.
     Edward Viljoen

Photo by Martin Brosy on Unsplash

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