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Saturday, November 25, 2017

End Your Day with Gratitude, with Edward Viljoen

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Abundance can be experienced in many different ways. And, when one starts to pay attention to all the ways abundance is present in the world, one notices more and more of it. This month is a great time to notice the abundance of community connection, mutual help, loving kindness, and generosity of spirit. Paying attention to, and feeling grateful for these qualities is how we build a consciousness that is inclined to identify itself with abundance.

(To see the video below, click here.)

Ernest Holmes wrote that “If one wishes to demonstrate prosperity, [they] must first have a consciousness of prosperity; if [they desire] health, [they] must embody the idea of health. This is more than faith; it is the knowledge that we are dealing with Law.”

This month I’m asking myself, What do I desire to experience more of? I am realizing that I want to be able to give more, to love more, to help more, to create more, to connect more. And to be able to do that, I’m willing to develop the consciousness of abundance to draw my attention to what is already strongly present in life: goodness.


Edward Viljoen
Author of Ordinary Goodness, and The Power of Meditation

Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

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