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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's In Every One Of Us, With Edward Viljoen, author of Ordinary Goodness. Video

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“It would be difficult to believe in a God who cares more for one person than another.”
Ernest Holmes

We are a giving community, and we believe in the power of circulating the generosity that pours into our Center. We believe in the power of generosity to change lives. In 2015 we gave $24,800 in contributions to our nonprofit partners and what a joy it was to hear from each one of them and know that our contributions are part of their good work in the world. We also take pride in supporting our international movement, Centers for Spiritual Living, and in 2015 we contributed $74,600 to its operations, programs, and outreach. We thank you for partnering with us so that we can partner with other organizations that inspire and uplift people, helping to make the world a better place.

To view the video below in YouTube, click here.

Each year we receive nominations from you, our community, of nonprofit organizations to consider for our next annual nonprofit partnerships. We review the nominations and select those that most match the Center’s vision of a healthy, loving world in which values-based living guides us in our day-to-day spiritual living. The organizations are not selected based on their need but by their work in improving human lives. Here are our 2017 nonprofit partners, selected by your Giving Intention Team. We look forward to hearing from each of them next year.

  • AIDS/LifeCycle, supporting the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGTB Center in battling AIDS and caring for those who are HIV infected 
  • Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation, enhancing the quality of life for burn survivors and promoting burn prevention education 
  • Becoming Independent, supporting individuals with developmental disabilities to become valuable and successful employees in the community 
  • Ceres Community Project, creating health for people, communities, and the planet through Zove, healing food, and empowering the next generation 
  • Community Matters, waking up the courage of students and adults to create schools that are safe, welcoming, and inclusive 
  • Sonoma County Task Force for the Homeless, working to end homelessness in our community through advocacy, program development, education, and collaboration 
  • Mentor Me, empowering youth in need to achieve their highest potential by matching them with an adult mentor 
  • Redwood Credit Union Wildfire Relief, supporting fire relief efforts and the victims of the 2016 Lake County fire 
  • anta Rosa Children's Chorus, helping musically oriented boys and girls experience the challenges, training, and the joy of belonging to a chorus of performing excellence 
  • loan House Women’s Shelter, providing a home and six-month broad-scope program in Santa Rosa for women to create a better life 
  • he Living Room, Sonoma County’s only daytime drop-in center for homeless and at-risk of being homeless women and children 
  • Villages in Partnership, creating partnerships with people in villages in Malawi, Africa to bring about life-changing development for both sides of the partnership 

Warm Regards,

Edward Viljoen

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