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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Navigating the Election. No Choice is Still a Choice. Edward Viljoen, author of Ordinary Goodness

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This week’s topic comes from a comedian who said that if humanity could not evolve, people like Jesus might have said: “Don’t do anything until I get back!” At the Center, we strive to assist individuals in their evolutionary awakening process. To evolve, an individual has to get involved with life. It doesn’t help to sit back, wait and watch as others make decisions for you. To use the creative power of our minds to direct our lives, we have to make choices and take actions.

This week we examine Unity's conscious guide to the election season.  Key Idea:  Whether you make choices or not, you are still influencing the way your life unfolds.

Not making a choice is still a choice. So why not make choices that result in unity, love, compassion, empathy, and kindness?

As an aware and choosing being, you have the possibility to bringing these values into your world, and by doing so, you are contributing to a world that works better for everyone.

I like what my colleague Rev. Sunday Cote has to say about choosing to live in alignment with our higher power:

As we truly live in alignment with [that Power], we model for others the fruits of the spiritual evolutionary path. Gently and powerfully, we light the way for an illumined world to emerge, one precious soul after another. Allowing Spirit to inform others by our example, we invite genuine love and authentic living to inspire the awakening of all humanity to their spiritual evolution.

Join me in affirming this month I let my Light shine brightly, as I encourage others through wisdom and compassion.

To view the video below on YouTube, Click here.

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