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Advertising at the Airport

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I was sitting at the airport in Burbank waiting for my delayed flight back home. Around me was a family with two young-uns.  Everyone was pretty good-natured about the delay.  TV kept the adults on one side of the waiting area entertained with almost-too-loud audio while the children created games and messed around.  Then the definitely-too-loud audio on the adult station public TV out of reach of dabbling watchers blared louder its (in-between urgent news) even more urgent advertisements.  

They do pump up the volume on ads, don't they?  

And the ad was for erectile dysfunction and explained that sometimes men of a certain age fail to get adequate erections for sexual intercourse. The louder-now ad successfully caught the attention of anyone within twenty nautical miles, including the young-uns, one of whom started to form the question to her mom, "What is erect..."

Bright blushing Mom drew the girl in close, trying to avoid decades of therapy I'm guessing, trying not to shush her, trying not to blush about her blushing, trying, trying, trying, while that ad blared and blared, reminding everyone that firm erections at a moment's notice are now available to everyone.

Everybody looked somewhere else.

I wondered about age-appropriate advertising in public areas.  Is there such a thing?

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  1. not anymore than having violent TV shows on I reckon...


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