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Hundreds of people asleep on the floors or in chairs carefully designed to prevent sleeping.

I have an inflatable neck pillow for just such times. I am squished under an arm rest at the waist with my head dangling over the end of one of the three seats I'm hogging. William thinks I haven't understood the instructions on my blow up pillow. He says it's backwards. I'm in no mood to explain the clear advantage I have discovered using it this way.

Cathay Pacific boarding process is starting. It seems to be just like every other time. "please remain seated" is followed by a determined rush of standings!!! "Let me on first, let me on!"

"I am not like them," I tell myself.

'We are one' trickles into my now-drunk-from-too-tired mind - so I practice: 'where do I ignor instructions when I want preferential treatment?'

Four hours late. Definitely will miss my connecting flight. The ground staff continue to be firm and curteous, "a lovely hotel in Hong Kong, maybe" - they say. I dint ask "lovelier than Bali?" I am not in my body. I do ask myself, "Where am I firm and curteous when people ask me question intending to convey their disappointment?"

I can "see" the ground staff now. They are tired too now. Also with the crew it's the same. They are late too now. They still have 14 hours ahead. I want them to care about my vacation, but I don't yet care about them. They are faultless in their curtesy albeit that they cannot hide the effort.

Maybe they would enjoy it if I shut up.

Oh my g-- I'm going to Hong Kong with my pal William, and then to Bali and and and..... I should have read the instructions first. Eh?

In coach treasured await: power outlets in every chair!!!!!


  1. Thank you Revie Eddie, I am right along with you (in the comfort of my home with a cup of tea at my elbow)

  2. Enjoying the journey not an easy task. Why stay in the moment when it's a horrible one? Lovely Edward, you have great company and wonderful days ahead! Wish I could spend a moment or more with you again... I will be sober next time round - it is a wonderful thing, having let go of that which used to control me - now to let go of other things... like wanting to control all that is uncontrollable!

  3. The not so fun side of travel. Glad you have a friend by your side. Thinking good thoughts for you.

  4. Thank you Edward!! I so appreciate your willingness to look in the mirror. You give me permission to be me and to err. Thank you!!! Patty


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