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The will of God is always toward greater expression of joy, ease,
prosperity, and love.Anything that brings good to your life, and
yet takes nothing away from someone else’s, is the will of God.
This makes perfect sense when you stop to think about it.What
else could God’s will be? An infinite giver has an eternal supply
to give away.Why would it want you to live in lack?

You have an important role to play in this give-and-take
relationship. Even though God is perfectly willing to prosper
you in every way, only as much as you believe in can be yours.
Your belief system is the funnel through which an infinite good
must flow through in order to get to you.That is why expanding
your faith must become your highest priority.

Don’t wait until you’re desperately in need before you start
to work on expanding your belief system. Start now. Read books
that inspire you. Take classes that elevate your thinking. Make
friends with prosperous people. Surround yourself with positive
thought and inspiring people. Enlarge your circle of influence,
and expand your mind to include great dreams. All of this will
ultimately contribute to your increased good.


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