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Partnership Prayer

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Of the more common topics for prayer I receive partnership is way up there in frequency. Over time I have developed an awareness of how subtly folk cling to the idea of partnership and how that clinging shows up as a below the surface irritant or anxiety in their prayers. I have, since becoming aware of this, included in my prayers a strong theme of non-control. For example:

Love is all there is. I am a product of its action. So I respect myself and I love how Creation has made me. Therefore I have adopted the tendency to put myself in harmonious situations in which my highest qualities attract those who find it easy to love me. In this way I am frequently experiencing mutual and appropriate attraction to people around me and I realize the joy of deep connection with attempting to create it. Reciprocal love then becomes available to me in consciousness and I discover in me a feeling of freedom and welcome to the idea of partnership. This establishes in a sense of dignity and self confidence because I realize that I cannot be anyone other than the person Love has made. It feels good to be aware of this. It feels free to be aware of this. Amen.

I am remembering a Saturday Night Live skit in which Govenor Sarah Palin says to Senator Hilary Clinton something like: to have something you just have to want it. To which Senator Clinton through strained laughter says something like: oh if I had only wanted the Presidency a little more.

Wanting and welcoming are two important attitudes of mind that in my opinion play a significant role in prayer. One seems to repel and the other attract.

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  1. Thanks for this lovely prayer and the awareness of the differences between wanting and welcoming...I'll certainly be writing a sermon out of this... :-)


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