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The Question with Dancing

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By Paul Rest

David the King brought the
Ark of the Covenant up to the
Temple in his new capital,
The City of Jerusalem.

With harps and lyres and
Cymbals and other instruments
Of music, all sang and danced
As the Ark entered The City of David.

And David, ecstatic with
Joy, stripped off his
Clothes and danced wearing
Only his loincloth.

In His City, David twirled and
Jumped and sang and
Danced before the Ark of the
Lord on that day.

And the World came later to
David through the words of Michel,
The daughter of Saul.
The World said to David the King,

”Why do you debase yourself so?
What is that stupid dancing
You were doing before the Ark?
David, you are the King and should act as such.

“You were almost naked too.
Before the Lord no less.
And the young girls saw you,
Their King. Dancing like you were a crazy man.”

And David replied to Michel,
The daughter of Saul
With these words
Which he spoke.

“I did not dance for Israel,
For the men or the young
Handmaidens nor for you or
For your father Saul.

“I danced for Yahweh, that
He has come to my city to
Abide here and bless the
People of Israel.”

As you read or hear these
Words, consider this:
Would you have been David
On that day?

And danced before
The Ark, before the Lord of
Hosts? Or would have been
Michel, the daughter of Saul?

Who are you?
Who do you want to be?
The Voice of the World,
Or David, dancing?

For ev

Based on II Samuel 6


1 comment:

  1. I would undoubtedly be Dancing with the feelings of ecstactic JOY!



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