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From SF Gate, Mark Morford, Extract.

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"So, on to the good news: A staggering 40 million Americans watched Obama deliver his spectacular, rain-free speech in Denver. That's more than the opening ceremony of Olympics. More than "American Idol." Half again as much as Kerry or Bush earned for similar speeches from years before and an all-time record for any televised political speech anywhere. What a thing.

"And let's recall, for a moment, Obama in Berlin back in July, where nearly a quarter million locals turned up to see a man who wasn't yet even a world leader, but merely a candidate. Recall those stunning images of cheering throngs at the Victory Column, hundreds of thousands of eager, curious foreigners, all there to catch a glimpse not of Mick Jagger or the Pope, not of the Dalai Lama or Brad Pitt, but a brilliant young American senator.

"That's not middling celebrity. That's not merely good PR on behalf of Obama's team. That's something else entirely, a world electrified by new possibility."

I am Edward Viljoen, and I approve this message. :)

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  1. I feel like there is a general awakening going on, and I think that is why people are responding to Omama and his message of change and hope in such an incredible way. Sometimes I get a little scared that it's too good to be true. But I keep pulling myself out of operating in fear, and I focus on the good. And I take action.


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