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At the time of the Iron Curtain Crisis, Ernest Holmes wrote: “The world is perhaps at the point of the greatest crisis in all human history, and there seems to be two attitudes we can assume. One is calmness, faith and conviction; the other would be despair. And despair is unthinkable. Let each, in his/her own way; dedicate his time, his services, his hope and his spiritual conviction to the common cause of liberty and justice for all. And let us work without tiring and pray without ceasing.”

He urged us, to form the habit of taking definite time each day to pray for peace, of taking definite time each day to know and meditate on the thought – affirming it with complete acceptance – that leaders everywhere are being guided by the all sustaining wisdom and power of Good. He also urged us to daily pray for the peace of our own minds so that we did not become confused in our own thought about all that is going on.

But he didn’t stop there. Following quickly on that urgent recommendation to develop a daily spiritual practice, he told us what even more ancient teachers have told us, that “Faith without works is dead,” reminding us that not only should we pray, but that we should act also -- every one of us -- so that the activities of our lives are daily contributing something to peace for the purpose of preserving life everywhere.

Now what is the action you should do? Perhaps Vote? Take an interest in what your children learn about peace? Make your voice and desire known to local governance? I don’t know. That’s not my business to tell anyone what to do. Today there is all kind of available information and help from individuals more expert in civic activities than I am. I only want to emphasize that without the “act” part ….well…..

Here is another wonderful point Ernest Makes. “For if the whole nation works together and prays together, a great moral and spiritual power, an actual soul force, will penetrate the whole world, helping to bring confidence and calm judgment until the crisis shall have passed.”

Now that right there is what I would call our hope and our salvation: the thought that we might someday unite in prayer to make a difference. As a nation it seems somewhat out of reach. It is even challenging to think that metaphysicians might unite to do something like that. But oh, the excitement to think of what might be possible if we were to put aside differences and pray together daily, encouraging our people to do so with us, until there was an irresistible spiritual urge towards peace and cooperation emanating from each of the cities in which we live…

What do you think?

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  1. I have been pondering the training pose in your last post with the practice of peace you speak of in this one. Your pose is a fighting pose, an aggressive pose which is an integral part of our culture and the culture of the world. You have challenged me to find the peace in it, for surely it is there somewhere. If I consider these fighting stances of aggression and defense as metaphors for the stances the spiritual warrior takes in waging peace within and in practice, then I can see it. Is this something that is in the Gita? Understanding the microcosm is within the macrocosm, the unity in prayer starts right here within our community as prayer vigils, prayer events & services. We can't rightfully expect it from the world until it is happening right here at home can we? Keep going deeper Edward, we will accompany you. Thank you for holding the spiritual light aloft through your blog and welcoming our thoughts. Love from an anonymous spiritual warrior.


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