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RIght Now

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"This very moment is the only moment yo have. To be fully present here and now requires conscious effort and atention. It means letting go of your plans for the future and forgetting the past. Very few people live that consciously. You can be one of them.

With practice, you can train yourself to be more present in the now moment. Centering your attention requires focus and discipline. But it is the greatest gift ou can give to yourself. Being present where you are righ now allows you to make better choices and decisions. When you are awake and present, you ae turly alive!

Practice being present. When you're with a friend or loved one, give them your full attention. Listen when they speak. Don't mult-task or plan what to say in response. Just listen."

Spirit is Calling.


  1. Lovely. I check your blog daily, always makes me feel better. :)

  2. Lovely. I check your blog daily, always makes me feel better. :)


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