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Dependent Origination

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Reader's Question:
I am pondering the question of any, if at all, interrelation between the concept of duality. (ie. Light /Darkness Good/Evil Sharp/Dull) and the concept of dependent origination. When this is, that is.From the arising of this comes the arising of that.When this isn’t, that isn’t.From the cessation of this comes the cessation of that.

It seems to me that Darkness does rise out of Light etc. and the opposite. In seeming to point in a similar direction do these two ways of mind/reality interrelate or am I just confusing such with my intermingling (well... probably)?

Though in another regard duality seems to apply to physical conditions ,whereas dependent origination is perceptual. This line of thinking certainly seems to tie my intellect in a bit of a gordian knot. I do suppose this ia all just distinctions in the dream. Any thoughts on this question would be greatly appreciated.

Greetings, er... well, kinda, and yes, sorta and well, er I don't know. Grin. Jeepers where to start.

OK seriously tho, it seems to me that you are talking about two metaphysical ideas and comparing them. The first is the idea of Unity and Diversity, how a multiplicity of forms and ideas rise out of oneness, and the paradox of how pairs of opposites exist within a seeming unity. The second is the idea of Cause and Effect which describes the relationship of events in time and space. And your question seems to be do the pairs of opposites act like causes for the existance of each other.

In the objective world of form, the sequence of cause and effect is helpful in learning to navigate through the world. However it is sort of like slowing down reality or maybe like stretching it out so that a linear expression of events can be observed. In the world of consciounsess, there is this idea that sequence and time and space are not relevant and so Cause and Effect are simultaneous and nothing precedes anything else. So the answer to your question is yes and no.

Similarly, in the objective world of form, the pairs of opposites exist as hard and soft etc., whereas, in the world of consciousness, they do not...the forms and their qualities are projections and it is the nature of our projections that determines our personal reality experience. (Part of Krishna's instruction to the Prince, if I remember correctly, is that Reality is to be found beyond the pairs of opposites, which to me is a way of saying, they exist, but they are not "all there is".)

Now the idea of dependent origination, Bhuddist I think, describes how all phenomena are interelated and how they all rise up out of multiple connections with all other phenomena. Simplified and slowed down, for example, it's cold. Discomfort arises. I light a fire. The warmth of the fire causes me to fall asleep. Everything is subject to this neverending relationship and since everyting is dependent on everything else, none of it is permanent. So dependent origination is just the other side of Unity (or emptiness I think it is called in some forms of Bhuddism), like different views of the same statue both correct but not the same.

This is not nearly enough said about the ideas you ask about, but about all I think my Blog can stand. :)

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