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"Success is not the key to happiness!....

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....Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."
Albert Schweitzer

Prosperity is commonly thought of as a matter of luck. Science of Mind teaches that it is more likely a matter of consciousness. Here are suggestions for you to consider to increase your prosperity awareness.

1. Training yourself to think affirmatively increases prosperity consciousness. Instead of focusing on what is missing or absent, train yourself to acknowledge what is present and working. Thinking affirmatively can have the effect of increasing peace of mind and helps redirect thinking to what is working in your life.

2. Train yourself to imagine the best case scenario instead of the worse case scenario. Try picturing yourself experiencing the desired outcome in a situation, especially when you notice that your mind is rehearsing all the ways the situation could go wrong.

3. Train yourself to repeat affirmative statements. Repeating affirmations is an ancient technique of training your mind by saturating it with words and pictures that are life affirming.

4. Train yourself to create order in your environment. Cluttered living and working spaces can be a drain on your attention and energy. Some people thrive on chaotic environment and others become tired and scattered. Create your work and play environment to support your prosperity consciousness.

5. Train yourself to do acts of service or kindness. Expand your activities to include doing good for others as a way of increasing your prosperity consciousness.

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  1. Such a thought provoking list...steps to happiness...and thereby success. How I need at times in the run, race and achieve world to remember... this...happiness and contentment come first. Thank you Edward.

    With my residing in a pace of loving attitude almost act and every day, indeed moment, is some how successful in the grand rhythm of life. I have printed this out and hung by my computer to remind myself in those moments of the “must achieve results” emotion start to clutch and catch a the fringes of my mind and rattle the mental chatter cage.... and choose instead expansive affirmative order instead...sweet.

    As an aside I like the new look for the blog...

    peace, love and blessings,


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